Blackpool SIA Badged Security Guards. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide Security Guards in the Blackpool area that are fully insured 

and vetted and are hand picked and have a vast amount of security experience at all levels. Security Guards have also worked as Door 

Supervisors or Close Protection Operatives.

Mobile Patrols

A fully trained Patrol Mobile Security Officer will visit your premises as and when required. The frequency of patrols will be either 

random or predetermined based on the particular risk address. Blackpool Mobile Security officers will provide an external inspection of the 

premises but alternatively can also enter the building to carry out a full internal inspection should this be required.

Spartan 24 Hour Security provide Security Guards in the Blackpool area for:

Building Sites, Construction, Car Parks, Hotels, Hostels, Blackpool Restaurants, Flat ComplexesCasinos

Sheltered Accommodation, Factories, Industrial Estates, Vacant Properties, Offices, Office Complexes, 

Local Government Buildings, Solicitors, Estate Agents, Retail Parks, Retail Outlets, Shops, Shopping Centres,

Car Showrooms, Retail Showrooms, Train Stations, Blackpool Warehouses, Corporate Events, Landlord / Letting AgentsLaw Courts

Libraries, Job Centres, Schools, Holiday Parks, Hospitals.