Spartan Security provide smart, professional, SIA licenced Door Supervisors to cover your Christmas party or event. The benefits of having professional Door Supervisors looking after your Christmas party or event are: 

  • Only the people invited to the party will get in. With so much free food and drink on offer you will get gate crashers who pretend to part of the party or event. With our Door Supervisors on duty only the invited people will get in. It's advisable to have an up to date guest list available for the door staff.
  • Our friendly, professional door staff will make sure your party runs smoothly. Dealing fairly but firmly with any trouble makers that might disrupt the enjoyment of the other guests. Usually it's a friendly word in the persons ear, we have a strong emphasis on custmer service and our staff are well experience in conflict management if things do get out of hand between guests. 
  • We are always happy to give free advice if you are unsure how to set up and run your party or event. From fire safety to health and safety. Most of it is common sense and takes very little time to sort out. If you require advice our Door Supervisors can inspect your set up when they arrive and point out anything that you have overlooked. 
  • If you would like our Door Supervisors to escort your guests out of the venue to their taxis and make sure everyone leaves in an orderly manner that can be arranged. At the end of the party and event when everyone has had a lot to drink is when trouble starts. We have been covering parties and events for many years and know what can happen. When booking the security for your party of event make sure you take the time it takes to clear the event or party into consideration if you require the security staff to do this. If you just want the door staff to stay until the party is finished and want to clear it yourself that's no problem. 
  • We have a party and event packaged tailored to meet your needs. Our aim is to make sure your guests have the very best experience possible, everything runs smoothly and you leave with a smile on your face. Like everything else organising a party or event is as easy or hard as you make it. We are happy to help in anyway and make your party a success.
Spartan Security are specialist in providing high calibre, reliable and professional SIA Door Supervisors to pubs, nightclubs and licensed premises throughout Warrington, Manchester and the North West.
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Our Door Supervisors are all trained and friendly professionals who make sure your guests have the best time possible.   
Spartan Security are quality providers of venue staff, offering security services to all areas of the licensed industry from small bars, pubs and restaurants to clubs and larger entertainment venues. The leisure industry is a particularly unpredictable business, requiring constantly changing attitudes and approaches to many different situations. We frequently supply door supervisors to leisure and entertainment venues in Merseyside, Cheshire and many other areas of the North West of England.

Fully Trained Christmas Party Security Staff

Our highly trained, licensed Door Staff are ready to adapt to any given situation at any given time. All our staff are trained to resolve situations in a non-confrontational manner, wherever possible, but they will not tolerate and are committed to prevent any manifestation of intimidation, aggression, violence or bigotry at our clients venues. Our professional Door Supervisors enhance the customer experience of your venue or event. Highly experienced in customer service and conflict management. For further information or to book our Door Supervisors, give us a call or fill out and Enquiry Form
Christmas Party Door Supervisors are:

  • Uniformed.
  • Screened and Vetted.
  • Professional Door Staff.
  • Self Defence trained.
  • CRB checked.
  • SIA licenced.
  • Reliable, Punctual, Polite.
  • Work well as a team.
  • Mature, Experienced, Trustworthy.
  • Able to look after your property, staff, and customers.
  • First Aid trained.
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