Our professional Door Supervisors are fully insured, screened and vetted. SIA licenced, have a positive attitude and are flexible when it comes to dealing with different situations. Staff are reliable with a great deal of common sense. They are hand picked, mature, reliable, and highly experienced individuals. We provide Door Supervisors in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, and North West England. All our Security Staff have a high standard of presentation, excellent written and verbal communication skills. First aid trained and have attended a three day first aid at work course which is HSE approved and certified. 

Having good quality Door Supervisors looking after a venue makes the customer experience more enjoyable, gives the venue a good reputation which in turn attracts new customers. We at Spartan 24 Hour Security look for quality when taking on new personnelWe are a reputable Door Supervisor company used every week by customers we have had for years, who require the very best service possible at all times. 

Our male and female Door Supervisors are highly trained, experienced professionals. Excellent at customer care and conflict management. Why risk having below standard security looking after your venue or event. Give yourself peace of mind by hiring the best. With our Door Supervisors you know your venue or event will be well looked after. Keeping the customers you have and attracting new ones.  

To hire our smart, professional Door Supervisors for Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs and Events. Give us a call or fill out an Enquiry Form. We are always happy to help.

Door Supervisors
Spartan 24 Hour Security Door Supervisors are all fully licensed and undergo a 5-year screening in compliance with BS7858 before commencing operational duties.

Each member of our team is subjected to rigorous background checks complying with industry requirements. In order for the Door Supervisors to be of the highest quality, Spartan 24 Hour Security provides every member of the team with an extensive training program to enable them to be professional in every eventuality. As a company we believe the welfare of our staff is key to their retention and high standards. We demand our staff deliver to the best of their high abilities.
Through experience we know how vital the working relationship is between our staff and the client. By having a positive and professional working relationship our clients benefit from:
  • A safe and friendly environment
  • An increase in visitors to the venue
  • Increased sales
  • Great customer service
All of our Door Supervisors are trained in proven customer service techniques to make their meet-and-greet skills outstanding, leaving a lasting positive impression on your brand and company. Spartan 24 Hour Security staff deliver exceptional service by being:
  • Punctual
  • Smart
  • Polite
  • Professional
  • Good communication skills
Hire our professional Door Supervisors who are:

  • Screened and Vetted.
  • Adaptable and quick thinking.
  • Highly Professional.
  • Conflict management and self defence trained.
  • SIA licenced.
  • Reliable, Punctual, Polite.
  • Work well as a team.
  • Mature, Experienced, Trustworthy.
  • Able to look after your property, staff, and customers.
  • First Aid trained.
Spartan 24 Hour Security
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