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Posted by Sharon Davis on Thursday, August 1, 2019 Under: Guest Security Articles
When working in certain fields, security is paramount. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as the safety of staff, or preventing theft of valuable assets. Particular industries and workplaces need more security than others for these types of reasons. Some examples include police stations and prisons, hospitals, law firms, casinos and car dealerships. As you can see, these are all very different, but still require obvious security.

They best way to keep a workplace like some of the above mentioned is to have different layers of security. This way, if one layer is penetrated, the others will most likely take effect and make sure that the whole system is not breached. For top level security, it is advised that these types of businesses and organizations have three layers, which will be detailed in this article.

Security Personnel

By hiring a team of security guards, you will deter a large number of security breaches. Security personnel will be the eyes and ears of your security system and can monitor suspicious people, as well as catch and detain them if they break the law on your premises. Having a human element to your security system is great, as they will be visible to potential people looking to breach the security system and hopefully deter them. However, simply having security personnel is not enough, as they can be vulnerable to attack and as humans, there is only so much that they can do.


An alarm is one of the main security measures that businesses and organizations use. This protects your business when you are not there and can alert you and the authorities if somebody breaks in. Alarms are an essential part of security and feature different levels of advanced features, such as different codes for different situations and calling the police directly if it is set off.

Key Management Systems

Key management systems are a subtle, but perhaps one of the most effective layers of security that your organization can enforce. Key management systems break down particular areas in your organization and compartmentalize the access assigned to them. For example, key management systems look at every aspect of your organization that requires a key, such as cars, safes and private rooms, and offer greater control over who has access to these keys. The most common forms of key management systems include electronic key cabinets and key trackers. Key management systems can be monitored and controlled using software, meaning that there is very little effort that is needed on your behalf, making them an extremely efficient form of security.

As you can see, security comes in many shapes and forms, such as alarms, security personnel and key management systems. Using a combination of these will help ensure that your business and staff are protected against theft and breaches. For total security, include as many elements as you can and you will know that even if one layer is broken, the others will help to keep your business, or organization protected.

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