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What makes a good Security Guard ?

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Friday, June 28, 2013 Under: Security Guards
Most people in the security industry have their own idea of what makes a good security guard. At Spartan 24 Hour Security we look for several qualities in an individual and help them to gain new ones. Being a Security Guard isn't just sitting in an office watching CCTV and going on site patrols. Its making sure everything is in place when you come on site. From making sure the CCTV is working properly to checking the entire site including the perimeter fence.

Staying observant throughout the shift is important, also altering the site patrol times. To be a good security guard you need good observational skills, communication skills, common sense, be cool in an emergency, quick thinking, organised, some self defence skills, good time keeper, reliable, able to stay awake. The last one sounds funny, but we know of a company that employed a security guard that slept through most of the night shift and woke to find that what he was suppose to be protecting had gone. To make matters worse they were expensive items and the thieves emptied the warehouse.

Hourly calls to control does help, also site checks by mobile supervisors. Another way is to install a webcam in the security office coupled to a laptop, they don't cost much. Hopefully the days of giving anyone a uniform and putting them on site and hoping for the best is over. But in some instances it still happens which is unfair on the guard and the client. After finding the right individual and giving them on site training, we always put an experienced guard with them for their first week. Firstly to find out if they are up to the job, also to give them confidence and to get them use to the site.

Being a security guard can be a rewarding job with a high level of responsibility. Not only for the clients property, but in some cases the safety of staff and visitors.    

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