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Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Saturday, February 10, 2018 Under: Venue Security Cheshire
Venue Security North West England. Spartan 24 Hour Security has an unblemished reputation with every night venue we have provided with nightclub Door Supervisors and other operatives over the years. Our site security teams are known as friendly, proactive and professional, able to engage with your customers in a friendly and engaging manner without compromising in any way their authority or primary role.

Our Door Supervisors have the training and experience they need to maintain security in a variety of different venues, including:
  •  Nightclubs
  • Dancehalls
  • Pubs and Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Theatres and Performance Venues
  • Private Clubs or Parties
  • Managed Evening Experiences

Our impressive performance records are the result of using only hand-picked, carefully screened and trained Door Supervisors and impressing upon them how important it is to comport themselves in a way which compliments your venue, and enhances your guests’ experience in every way possible.

So, how many Door Supervisors do you put on? Generally speaking, you should put two night club security personnel per every one hundred patrons you have. This is a general rule of thumb. Basically, every club is different. You will need to feel it out based on the type of crowd you do have. Don’t skimp! You rather be safe then sorry.

Nothing will ruin your club faster then a fights, general problems, police visits, and thefts. When patrons know they are safe, you will always be the club of choice. Look at the newspapers. Talk to any city official, just about anywhere, and you won’t generally hear anything good about their local night club.

Just because you hire some huge bloke, it doesn’t mean you have good security. People get killed in night clubs. Some carry knives. If you have an inexperienced Door Supervisor it will make any situation worse, or embarrass someone in view of others, or start fights.

Education is the key

Many people think of night club security as blokes with t-shirts on, a tad too small, that say security on the back. Well, this is the worse mistake you can ever make. If you are a club owner, and you do this, are you proud of how your night club security personnel looks?

Do you know what these Doormen look like? Thugs! Is that the impression you want to give. Security dressed up like this don’t warrant any respect. And if you dress them this like this, it’s your fault.

Night Club security personnel are a reflection of you the owner. Also, your security personnel also deal with people other then your patrons. Many times they are outside. People other then your patrons drive by and see not a very professionally dressed Door Supervisor. Is this the image you want to portray? 

How about when you have some older patrons come in to your place for a night out, or a celebration of sorts. Is this the image you want your night club to have. Or when your night club security personnel are walking through the crowd, or go to stop someone for something. Do you think there are completely visible to all the other patrons? Do the patrons know they are security? Even from the front, or the side?

All our Door Supervisors are mature experienced individuals. Have a high standard of presentation, excellent written 
and verbal communication skills.

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