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Tips for home security

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Saturday, May 5, 2018 Under: Home Security
Over the past few decades home security technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and the level of security that is now available to the average homeowner is of the sophistication that only a few could afford back then. Home security systems have not only become more technologically advanced but they have also at  the same time become far more user friendly and simpler to operate.

All of the new advancements in technology also make for far more choices with regards to exactly what is going to go into the security system in your home or business.One good tip is to make yourself as familiar as you can with all of the components of the various systems that are available prior to having your system installed, because after your system is installed is not the time to start second guessing your final decision.

There are some general requirements that every home security system should contain for an adequate level of security and you always have the option of adding more security levels if you wish. Your home security system should include at the minimum, a control panel, a key pad, some motion detectors, two or three door contacts, an inside siren and some type of warning on the exterior of the premises such as a yard sign and or warning decals on the windows. You are also going to have to make a decision between an alarm system that relies on a land line or a wireless system that operates just like a cellular phone to transmit its signal if the system is activated.

There are some pros and cons for each type of system, so you have to balance out what works best for you. A wireless system is generally more expensive but because it is wireless, it can't be bypassed by cutting the homes phone line. There are basically two different types of home security systems that are available to the consumer and which type you choose depends on your security needs and logistics. They are monitored and non-monitored systems and with the monitored system it  is connected to an off site monitoring station, such as a police or fire station or a security service provider.The non monitored system works with an alarm  that is sounded if the system is activated. Generally speaking the bigger the home the more complicated it is to design and install an alarm system in it due to a number of factors and for this reason it is suggested that if you have a larger home and particularly if it contains valuables you should procure the services of a home security provider. They will plan and engineer a system that will custom fit your homes particular needs and then install the system. If you opt for a monitored system they will also provide that service for you as well. It is important to remember that a home security system is an investment and will immedietly reflect on the value of your home. If you plan on selling your home in the future, you should bear in mind that most new home buyers now expect to have a security system in their home.

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