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The value of Security Consultants

Posted by Charles Willis on Thursday, September 13, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
In a society where people get excited about free french fries at Burger King and coupons for free shampoo it is amazing to me that more than half of the clients that contract for security services do not take advantage of free consultation services. I have multiple explanations and clients should look at them and see if they fall into that category. Sometimes clients hire security guard services, because their clients, their boss, the city of their insurance requires it. They are not really convinced by the value of hiring a security guard. Therefore they just find a couple companies to choose from and normally hire the cheapest one. Others think that most companies are the same and will just provide a guard. They also mostly try to hire the cheapest company.

I do not know where the preconceived notions are coming from and I am just assuming that most of these people have made bad experiences with security guards or maybe security companies were not as professional in the past. Nevertheless, I know that clients should not bother hiring a guard if it is not by some specific criteria, because they are just throwing away their or their company's money for a false sense of security. A good professional security company will provide security and add value to their client's business.

A free security consultation by a security professional with decades of experience in the security industry is one of the values added. The security consultant will identify risk factors, devise a security plan, establish a relationship with local law enforcement and make recommendations for a safety and security plan for employees. A security consultant will create customized post orders, choose the right security guards for the post and train them. A security consultant will also recommend procedures and behaviors that will add value to the client's business.

My recommendation to potential clients of security companies is to go into the hiring process with an open mind. There are many very professional security companies out there that take pride in their service and the professionalism of their security officers. The client' should not make assumptions that providing security services is a job anybody could do. Officers receive very specify training to get licensed and additional training at the good security companies to be able to make good decisions and provide excellent service. Security companies must have a good overall concept from hiring people to training them and holding then accountable. They have to have people that communicate with clients frequently and will respond to situations and emergencies immediately. A client should keep all that in mind and ask questions about it when hiring a security company, because hiring the right company will add tremendous value. In turn hiring the wrong company will make doing business more difficult for the client and create an extra liability instead of eliminating it.

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