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Getting through Airport Security

Posted by Ally Hyde on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, In : Guest Security Articles 
Airport security has become the top reason in the U.S. why people hate to fly and choose not to. Way back when, flying was a simple matter of giving your baggage to the flight crew and then jumping on your plane. With the ease and comforts that we once experienced in flying, it is no wonder that we are so mad by the treatment that airlines offer to us in the modern day. Naturally, many people are not happy with the multitude of screenings and security checks, as well as the difficulties with ...

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Airport Security needs to improve

Posted by Mark Harris on Friday, September 21, 2018, In : Guest Security Articles 
Airport security is a growing concern for passengers and staff alike.  With people travelling by plane more often than ever before, and a number security incidents at airports, it's not surprising that airports are keen to improve the passenger experience, and the working environment for airport staff and other employees.

  • The number of passengers is increasing yearly which means that older airports and some of the smaller airports are experiencing strains on their infrastructure.  The airports...

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