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Staying Safe In Nightclubs

Posted by Mike Hill on Monday, September 20, 2021 Under: Personal Security
While clubbing is all about having fun, it’s important to remember that this is nightlife, and darker things come out at night. Always be aware of your surroundings and know about the destination you’ll visit before heading on over. Serious injury, trauma or even death are all preventable on your part and all it takes are a few precautionary measures.

Sorry to kill the buzz on your spontaneity. Perhaps clubbing just isn’t the same as it used to be. What with the easy accessibility of drugs and alcohol, it’s often easy to become uninhibited and unaware of any bad vibes going on around the event.

Remember there is safety in numbers. Always go out with a group, especially if you’re female. Check in with your friends every once in a while and make a plan to meet up somewhere, such as the bathroom entrance, at the bar or near the back exit at a certain time before you all head home. Try to stay in pairs and watch out for each other. Leave as a group or at least pairs, never walk home alone. If you take a cab, make sure it’s with a recognizable company you’ve used before.

Keep an eye on your drinks at all times. Even if you run to the ladies room, have a friend hold on to your beverage for you. Club drugs such as GHB are easy to drop into drinks and are colourless, odourless and tasteless so you won’t even realise you’ve been slipped something until it hits you. Drink out of bottles if possible, or hold your drink in front of you. If you start to feel abnormal and experience any symptoms of being drugged, such as loss of consciousness, dizziness, vomiting or unusual confusion check in with a friend as soon as possible and have someone either get you to a hospital or home right away.

While it can sometimes cost as much as beer, water is much more important especially if you’ve been drinking for a while or if you’re experimenting with the darker side of the club atmosphere. Dehydration caused by ecstasy use is not uncommon, and water also helps your body control its heating a cooling systems.

Leave any unneeded cards, money, keys and accessories at home. Pack your cell phone, ID, debit card and cash—but not a large amount of cash. Purses are not only annoying to pack around the dance floor but they’re easier to steal. Don’t pack a lot of cash unless you’re looking for unwanted attention and leave behind credit cards if you can. You’ll want a cell phone or phone card at the least in case you need to find an alternate way home or call a taxi. Always bring ID!

Know how you’re getting home. Don’t leave it up to maybe’s, especially if your location is out of the way. Have a taxi number in your cell phone, or assure you’re getting a sober ride home. Never accept rides from strangers—no matter how elementary that sounds, and never give rides to strangers. People wear a lot of faces at night, and you could only be reading one of them.

Do not buy or accept drugs at a club. It’s pretty common knowledge that drugs sold at clubs are dirty, and you may be getting a sugar pill, or even something that was never meant to enter the human body. Most club dealers are simply looking for an easy buck and while they walk away with your money you can be walking away with a terrible hangover, at the least.

Party smart and listen your intuition. If a situation feels wrong or you’re not feeling the vibe, check out and try something else or go home. There will always be another night and wasting your precious dollars at a place where all you can think about is your new down comforter is useless.

All said, do not be afraid to go clubbing! Some organizations will have you believe that clubbing is unsafe, but it only is if you’re unprepared. By following the simple steps outlined above and employing a little common sense you’ll have a blast, meet tons of great people looking to have fun and, of course, have the opportunity to listen to great dance music.

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