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Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Under: Static Security Guards
A permanent Security Officer (Static Security Guard) on your premises provides a powerful message to staff, visitors and potential intruders that you take the protection of your employees and assets seriously.

To assist you we provide Security Officers who are trained to the current regulatory standards and are all Security Industry Authority Licensed. As our Security Officers will be the first point of contact for employees, visitors and customers they are selected to match the requirements of your site and will be given additional training as required to ensure that the service achieves your expectations and reflects positively on your business.

Service level agreements are agreed prior to the commencement of our services. We monitor the performance of the contract through regular contact with the customer and Security Officers. Any changes to the service level agreements are agreed and implemented during service reviews.

Spartan 24 Hour Security offer a complete range of manned security guards to provide you with the flexibility to meet each property‚Äôs requirements and your budget. We only supply the highest calibre uniformed security guards, all SIA licensed, DBS checked, fully trained and highly experienced. Spartan 24 Hour Security operations are in compliance to BS 7499 regarding Security Guards and Mobile Patrols. Spartan 24 Hour Security  is also fully compliant in BS 7984 in regards to Keyholding.

Uniformed security guards can ensure your property is fully protected, restricting unauthorised access for potential trespassers and preventing theft, loss and damage. Depending on the size of your property, uniformed security guards can provide highly visible cover throughout the day, overnight and the weekend if required, especially for premises or property spanning large areas including warehouses, industrial properties, transport yards and vacant land tracts.

The role and responsibility of a uniformed, static on-site security officer is extremely broad ranging. Static security officers are there to protect your premises through the prevention of theft, avoiding water and fire damage and deterring vandalism. They can also control access by any visitors or contractors that may legitimately require entry to your property. The static on-site security officer has therefore become an integral part of the management of a site and is in a position of both authority and responsibility and is effectively representing your company as well as providing a range of site management and security services. This requires a high level of adaptability and expertise which is why Spartan 24 Hour Security only employs highly qualified and trained SIA licensed professionals in this role.

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