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We at Spartan 24 Hour Security provide professional, reliable, security services, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We go out of our way to help our clients and ensure they have the best security services available at a competitive price. Whether they need a static security guard to look after their business premises. A mobile patrol to make periodic checks on their business premises. Fast alarm response by motorcycle patrol, which will get to their business premises faster than any four wheel vehicle. We also provide residential security for private houses, flats and apartments.


Most security companies offer the security services I've listed above. Some are good and some are terrible. On occasions we receive calls from companies who have had a security company in and the security staff have done nothing when an incident occurred. We at Spartan 24 Hour Security provide more then just a body. Our security staff are professional, know their job and do it to a high standard.

We also provide security for bars, pubs and clubs. Our door supervisors are confident, capable individuals, with a lot of common sense and well trained. Experienced in working at various venues and events. Have good customer service skills and can deal with any incident. 

The list of security services we offer is quite large. From close protection to asset transportation. Security guards to female door supervisors. Security drivers to mobile motorcycle patrols. The list goes on and so does the quality of our security staff. 

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