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Professional Security Services In Manchester

Spartan 24 Hour Security is the trusted name for a wide range of professional business security and facilities management services, as well as much more besides.

From our head office in Warrington, Cheshire, we manage a team of experienced professionals throughout the North West who help businesses of all sectors and sizes run smoothly and to the best of their ability.

Spartan 24 Hour Security is renowned throughout the country for our high quality security guards.  However, we offer much more than that.  Our experience in a wide range of business environments has enabled us to build the skills and contacts necessary to develop industry-leading teams to carry out a wide range of business services.

At Spartan 24 Hour Security, we can be your one-stop-shop for a huge choice of business services.  Whether you need a security guard, a door supervisor, a security courier or a fast motorcycle courier, we can offer you a bespoke package to fulfil all your business requirements.  And because you’ll only have a single, friendly point of contact to deal with, you’ll save time as well as money.

The Spartan 24 Hour Security management team has decades of experience in training and recruiting top class security guards and other business professionals, offering you the best quality staff for your needs.

We at Spartan 24 Hour Security pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail and our friendly, helpful manner.  Whether you manage a private business or a public building, whether you are in education or government, whether you have a single office or multiple premises, we can offer you a tailored security and facilities management package which is second to none.

Door Supervisors

Door Supervisors need to have good verbal communication, people skills, and the ability to defuse any situation. Be able to look after themselves and the customers in the premises they are looking after. In my experience, height and looking intimidating isn't a key factor in being a good door supervisor. Having good communication skills and being able to look after the customers in the premises is more important.

Having good door supervisors looking after a venue makes the customer experience more enjoyable, gives the venue a good reputation which in turn attracts more customers. We at Spartan 24 Hour Security look for quality when taking on a door supervisor and are very good at quickly spotting a plonker. Talking to someone for a length of time gives you some idea of their character. Then giving them a shift covering a venue and observing how they interact with customers and help defuse situations tell you if they are going to be any good. Not everyone can do this job, some try but fail and end up getting badly hurt.

The best door supervisor I've worked with was 5ft 5ins tall, had a great personality which shone through when dealing with customers. Was very helpful and was on first name terms with a lot of them. He was also very handy if things did get out of hand and was a 5th dan in karate. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide professional, high quality door supervisors both male and female. For nightclubs, bars, pubs, events, concerts.      

Hotel Security

Working in hotel security can be a rewarding job, a high level of common sense and being a people person makes the job a lot easier. Security guards protect guests and their valuables as well as hotel staff. They usually patrol the hotel, it’s car park and sometimes the grounds. They also help out on reception when needed and greet new guests and answer any questions. That’s why when working in hotel security it’s vital to know you’re way round the hotel and know how it runs, including procedures and hotel policies. In hotel security you have to have good verbal and written skills and a lot of patience, in my experience some guests can be trying. You need to blend in and enhance the smooth running of the hotel.

Being observant and making sure guests are adhering to the rules of the hotel is vital, so sometimes you’ll have to be assertive but staying professional at the same time. Some guests don’t like being told and cause trouble with other guests and staff. They are guests at the hotel so need to abide by the hotels rules and it’s your job to make sure they do and not harm the property, staff and other guests. When talking to a troublesome guest, keep the tone of your voice constant, be polite and listen to what they have to say. If the person isn’t a hotel guest, depending on the circumstances and hotel policy, the security guard may evict the person or persons from the hotel. If it’s a hotel guest and you can’t sort the situation out inform the manager or whoever is in charge of the hotel at the time. Regardless of whether you’re a security contractor or directly employed by the hotel the manager is in charge.

Security guards might also need to evict loiterers or trespassers from time to time. Upon request, security guards should escort employees or guests to their vehicle, especially if it’s late at night. Communication is vital if you’re working in a large hotel and most staff carry a radio, so always make sure your radio is on so you can act accordingly if there is a problem. Most hotels have CCTV some of which is state of the art which makes the job easier. Fellow employees sometimes need assistance in dealing with a belligerent guest and call security for help. Guests might report a disturbance originating from another room or a suspicious character loitering on the stairs.

Hotel security work for the main part is an enjoyable and rewarding job, most hotels have a good clientele, so the most trouble you get is a noise complaint, trouble in the bar or restaurant and most are alcohol related. 

Spartan 24 Hour Security provide professional SIA licenced security staff for hotels, hospitals, casinos, student halls, bars, nightclubs and events

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