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Security Jobs at a glance

Posted by Eric Hughes on Thursday, September 13, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
Security guards need to be fit not only physically but also mentally to deal with the different responsibilities their job entails. They need to look at situations, people or scenarios to detect unusual patterns. Then they must decide what action to take, which may vary depending on where they work. If irregular activity is caught on video, guards may need to notify police. On the other hand, security guards who patrol premises by foot or car need to be ready to use force.

Guards are usually armed in places where a there is a high risk of theft or other criminal activity. The minimum requirement to get a job as an armed security guard is a high school diploma or equivalent. However, most states require guards to obtain a license to carry a gun. Additional training, like weapons retention or laws covering the use of force, may be required by the employer as they are legally responsible for any use of force on their premises.

An increasing number of states are requiring guards to receive periodical training for them to preserve their license. This also helps guards to be up-to-date with the latest security trends and informed about new criminal behaviors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, guards may be trained in protection, public relations, report writing, crisis deterrence, first aid and other topics depending on their specific needs.

ASIS, an organization dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals, recommends that security guards receive at least 48 hours of training within the first 100 days of employment. ASIS also suggests that guards be tested on different topics, like sharing information with law enforcement, crime prevention, handling evidence, the use of force, court testimony, report writing, interpersonal and communication skills, and emergency response procedures.

Guards need to be tolerant and patient to reassure their specific employers as well as the broader community that everything is under control. Nervous and insecure guards may use irrelevant information to make decisions, which may cause anxiety and unrest. In some instances the guard might be the sole representative of an institution; therefore his professional attitude will promote the company's credibility.

Most security jobs are sought by people who need a flexible work schedule or a second job. Although the level of stress at work is usually low, some jobs can be hazardous at times. Theft is perhaps the most common crime that security guards will handle. Additionally, youths who are learning who they are by experimenting with violent behavior may also pose a threat to guards. Yet, as organizations spend more on their safety measures, the BLS expects that the number of jobs in security will rise in the coming years.

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