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Security in today's world

Posted by Mathew Smith on Friday, September 21, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
In the ever changing world we live in, never before has security played such an important role in society. In fact there are very few places left in the modern world that you can visit without seeing some form of security service, whether it is CCTV cameras, Security Guards, Bodyguards or Security Dogs. All of these services are there to provide protection, and security to a wide variety of clients and their business' or assets. But what about the general public.

Well most of these services often inadvertently provide some form of protection for the general public without them even knowing. In store Security Guards watching for thieves will deter pickpockets and other forms of criminality that is normally specific to persons of the public. CCTV is often a good deterrent to criminality and is being used more and more as evidence for crimes that have been committed.

One thing that isn't covered above is the security issue of identity theft and fraud. This is becoming a major problem in the modern world and looks to only get worse. So how can you protect yourselves against such attacks? Well, there are many things you can carry out to increase your personal security. Get a shredder at home. Make sure you shred every bit of mail that comes through your door with your personal details on such as bank statements and credit card statements. Once these are shredded don't simply throw them in the bin, burn them. And you don't need to have an incinerator to do so. I often start my BBQ's using my shredded personal documents to get the coals going, or in my Chiminea to get the wood burning. Only keep the documents that you absolutely need and destroy the rest. Don't leave your passports lying around inside your house. Put them in a secure un-obvious location so that, should your house get burgled, they won't be stolen. Keep your birth certificates safe as well and to be even more secure, and maybe a little extreme, you could place your birth certificates in a different location. This has the added benefit of knowing exactly where they are when they are needed and not having to look through the "paperwork draw" to find it!

Another type of theft that is becoming more common is the theft of cars from the home. Car thieves are using all manner of tools to retrieve car keys left in plain sight near the front door. Thieves will use broom handles with coat hanger hooks attached through the letterbox to hook your car keys while you are sleeping then simply drive off with your car. This also applies to mobile phones. Some people turn their phone off at night and leave it downstairs maybe next to the landline phone in the hallway opposite the front door. The simple solutions...... keep your car keys away from the front door and letterbox or any sort of opening and keep them out of sight. A burglar can't steal what he can't see!

And finally your home security itself. You can provide extra security for your home for a relatively low cost these days. Dummy CCTV camera's and dummy alarm boxes cost just a few pounds but could save you thousands in deterring thieves. Lock your lower windows at night, and secure your doors. Don't leave your house keys in the front door on the inside as these can easily be retrieved by a simple hook. Instead put them somewhere safe but easy to get to should you need to get out of the house.

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