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Posted by Mark Sawyer on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 Under: Security Guards
Security guard services are common throughout the year, yet retail outlets with tighter budgets should consider seasonal investment, ensuring that the stock is sold and not lost to thieves and the thieves are reprimanded for their actions. It is all very well assuming that having professional security services will be of great benefit to a company as generally the extra security will reduce the in-store crime rate, yet the most important performance indicator will always be what level the rate of return is at. When seeking a company to undergo a range of security services you must be thorough with the search and be very demanding of what you want for your money. Assemble a check list of what you expect from a security firm and don't be shy to demand the items on the list. They won't be shy negotiating the cost of the contract! Here's a check-list for which I believe should be similar to yours.

The Manned Guard

If you employ a new employee then you generally interview them making sure they have matching credentials to that of the company so why should that be any different for the security guard guarding the entrance? They should be friendly, presentable and have awareness of all the activities and goings on of the store. So, ensure that you can choose the security guard supplied to the store and that he or she has had a proper profile check.


Any investment of a service requires regular communication and progress reports. It is important to know whether the investment is generating a decent return on investment or whether the cost of theft is more cost effective! Saying that though, it would be better to know that no one is taking stock than thinking of the cost implications fully.


You don't want to invest your budget on a rookie company with no experience with other firms of similar stature, as they won't offer the same professionalism which an established company could.


If you have issues in store regarding robberies or the security guard is not to your liking then you want to be able to contact your security company to make a replacement. Smaller companies will have a limited number of security guards at their disposal so ensure that the company you select has a screening policy and will be reliable in times of need.

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