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Security Guard Ethics

Posted by Scott Murry on Sunday, September 9, 2018 Under: Security Guards
Being a security officer, one is constantly faced with moral decisions that effect not only yourself, but the company you work for. Clients put a great deal of trust in their security staff. As such, it is imperative that they conduct themselves in a professional manner.

One challenge that constantly faces officers while working is whether or not they should accept gratuity. Although many professions allow for tips, when officers accept it there is the implication that they must return the favor. This, of course, can set up a problem in the event the person tipping must be disciplined or breaches a security policy. Often, officers find themselves getting into trouble when they socialize too much on the job. When clients try and befriend officers it again creates a conflict of interest. Security guards always struggle with knowing to what degree they should befriend client or staff. To a large extent, there is no easy answer, but it makes sense to keep things professional at all times. Many companies have established a zero tolerance fraternization policy to eliminate the chances of clients and guards from becoming too close.

Another challenge that faces guard staff is if they should turn their cheek or not report security breaches that are done by executive staff or company VIP's. Again, there is no easy answer. Of course, it depends largely on the nature of the offense. Another moral quandary officers face is the degree to which they should stick to 'policy.' Common sense must always dictate as rules must now and then be broken to accomplish the larger goal of customer satisfaction, but, in general, following all rules and procedures helps maintain a strong and effective security presence.

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