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Security at Nightclubs

Posted by Tom Baker on Friday, September 21, 2018 Under: Nightclub Security
A doorman or a bouncer is an informal term for a Security guard employed at the nightclub to supply the security needs of the place. The doorman function is to verified the legal age, and to refuse entry into the nightclub, based on condition such as aggressive behavior, intoxication or other standards.

A doorman primary duty is to keep underage, intoxicated, aggressive,or otherwise unacceptable individuals from entering to the venue. Also a bouncer or a doorman duty is to screen patrons based on race or cultural group, also doorman or a bouncer use metal detectors to denied clients from selling potentially risky and illegal objects, such as drugs and weapons, into the nightclub. A secondary task often includes the monitoring behavior of patrons to ensure that the bar rules and alcohol regulations are implemented to the nightclub regulations. In addition, doormen make sure that clients do not destroy the bar or the furnishings. In addition, bouncers are oblige to resolve conflicts inside the nightclub field, which may involve verbal warnings to rule-breakers, physically separating individuals and groups, or making sure that troublemakers or perpetrators leave the venue.

A doorman or a bouncer are also responsible for collecting an entry fee, and seeing and checking identification (especially in regard to the legal age of patrons for entry and alcohol consumption). On special occasion, the nightclubs, bouncers may have the subjective duty of separating the audience inside the nightclub territory from the audience that is found on the other side of the barrier (not inside the nightclub domain) based on the patrons style of clothing (a bar that most of his customers are a hip-hop fans, wont like to see someone that has a dressing style or anything unique from their original set. Bouncers also escort and acts as a bodyguard for VIP, employees, or female staff around the bar.

Today there is a huge selection of affordable and reliable security and safety devices has created some changes in the occupation over the decades. Bouncers have made an increasing use of technology such as PMR446, FRS, TETRA all known as walki-talky equipment. Some nightclubs equip their security team with in "Agent Radio Earpiece" to stay in touch.

How should a bouncer should act??

A doorman is the first person that creates contact with the customer. The patron first impression of the bar is formed then. The bouncer can be informative and inviting, which will generate an inviting atmosphere and an fun night, or he can create a bad first impression of the bar by being robotic or terse

The bouncers duty is to find trouble before trouble appear. They have to stop the problem before it becomes a big problem. Bouncers have to be ready and make sure their presence is well known. A most important thing is uttering your voice and making eye contact. Most people would like not to to participate in a brawl with a huge doorman. The doorman only has to remind them of his presence, and they will think again of their actions.

There are other things beside size and strength and a vital thing is to have the knowledge of the right technique. A doorman has to know how to dispatch of someone (taking the client outside the nightclub borders) without beating, injuring or killing the client.

A doorman must know that most fights generate from a mixture of alcohol and testosterone, thus making the customer very emotional and crippling his sense of logic.

One way to stop those problems is to isolate the troublemaker from his friends. The bouncer will normally pull the perpetrator aside into a one on one situation and clarify the client, with a lucid voice accompanied by fear, that he will have no more troubles from the selected customer. This makes the situation safer for the doorman and spares the person from embarrassment in front of his friends.

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