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Secure Self Storage

Posted by Mathew Clarke on Friday, September 21, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
There are many companies that offer self storage facilities. Some offer facilities at presumably very low prices especially when compared with competitors. Cost should not be the only barometer by which you measure the suitability of a facility. There are other important matters to consider apart from cost. It is important to ensure that your secure self storage facility affords your goods the protection you need in the first place. Before you commit yourself to any lease agreement, make sure you have looked at its facilities and compared them with those of its competitors to arrive at a decision on where to store your goods.

The first consideration should be security. A secure self storage facility should be equipped with the latest security equipment. This includes a 24-hour video surveillance throughout the facility. The security guard should be able to view all of the storage units through the security cameras. Presence of surveillance cameras alone should deter would-be criminals. Some facilities maintain the presence of security guards patrolling the grounds. It is important to have a high perimeter fence to guard against intrusion by unauthorized people. Electronic locks, which require a password, are also important because you are sure only legitimate persons can gain access to the facility.

The facilities should be kept clean and neat always. An untidy compound can easily become a breeding ground for rodents and other pests. A bushy compound can also provide the perfect cover for an intruder to hide in the compound. The grounds should have adequate security lighting at night to light up the area. Well-lit individual units allow all areas of the room to be visible, making access to stored items easier.

To prevent an outbreak of fire, the facility should be equipped with smoke detectors, water sprinklers and fire extinguishers at strategic points of the premises. These facilities need regular maintenance to ensure they are in good working order. To enhance security of the items in the secure self storage facility, the client ought to provide his or her own lock. The lock should be of high quality, one that cannot be easily broken. Under no circumstance should the owner provide the lock since the security of the client's goods would be compromised. The individual units should be compact, and strengthened by a brick wall. With such a wall, the risk of forced entry is highly reduced.

It is also important to consider whether the owner has insured the goods kept in the store. Some owners provide some form of insurance for the goods stored in their premises for the duration of the hire. However, the sum insured is rarely equal to the value of the items in the store. As an additional safeguard, seek to know from the insurance company whether your current policy covers goods in self storage facilities. If they do not, then it is advisable to top up the cover to ensure such goods are also covered.

Convenient location to the secure self storage facilities should also be a factor especially where frequent access to those goods may be required. Compare the rental charges with those of other comparable storage facilities before signing the lease.

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