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Reducing the risks relating to the use of physical intervention

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Under: Skills For Security
The Least Forceful Intervention - the most appropriate physical intervention employs the least force and potential to cause injury to the individual in achieving the legitimate objective.

Communication - it is extremely important to maintain clear and ongoing communication between security staff involved and between security staff and the individual during and following restraint.

Monitoring - continuously check the well being of the restrained individual for adverse reactions is vital - their condition can change quickly. Resistance should not automatically be regarded as a threat as the individual may be desperately changing position to breathe.

Leadership and teamwork - it is important that someone assumes a lead role to ensure the situation is being properly controlled and monitored and that others involved support as team members.

Ensure practice follows procedure - taught as far as is practicable and does not deviate significantly from the approved training without justification.

De-escalation - of physical intervention at the earliest opportunity is important to reduce prolonged exposure to risk.

Emergency Procedures - should be understood and immediately employed to release the individual from restraint and provide assistance if they complain or demonstrate signs of breathlessness or other adverse reactions.

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