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Protecting yourself and others from assault

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Friday, April 27, 2018 Under: Skills For Security
Open Palms

When people are in a highly emotional state the way we say things, such as the use tone and facial expressions, can have more impact than the words themselves.

Be aware of your exits. Also be aware that if you block the other person's exit you will impact on their 'fight' option - they may be more inclined to fight.


No matter how negative you may feel towards the other person, show positive signals that emphasise your willingness to help and find a solution to the problem.

Look And Listen

Use 'normal' eye contact. Never stare fixedly at the other person as this can feel very aggressive. Use 'active listening' by head nodding, gestures and repeating back phases, acknowledging you are hearing and understanding what the other person is saying.

Make Space

An individual may intimidate or threaten you by getting too close. OPEN PALMS stance will help to maintain a safer space. Be aware of how close you may be getting towards the other person.


Prevent the tendency to 'square up' by standing at an angle with one foot back, and relax your shoulders. This also opens up a visual 'exit route' for both you and the other person.

Non-Verbal Directing

Non-verbal directing is a combination of non-verbal communication and positioning skills. Careful and appropriate use of hand signals and body language can control space and the movement of other people without physical contact.

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