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Posted by Edward Harris on Friday, September 21, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
Organizations are always looking to bring better value within the organization, or outside the organization, they are looking to bring great value for their customer base. One area that is important is the area of security; this area brings value in the form of survival and containment of important assets. This paper will show the importance of how security brings value to an organization. Here are a few things that security brings (1) deterrence of criminal activity, (2) protection of property and human lives, (3) policies and procedures. What security brings in value is the importance of survival and containment.

Around the world they are many crimes committed against companies, the percentage of those crimes are committed against small business, according to (Sasser, 1995) 80% are against small business. No matter how much security a company has in place, it will never be 100% secure (Gigliotti & Jason, 1999). The definition of deterrence is too discouraged or prevents (Webster, 2006) this is to cause the criminal aspect to avoid trouble by making security measures visible by the organization. Our police personnel cannot be ever where, they cannot prevent all crimes. So for organizations to prevent crimes against them they are in need of systems and products such as technology, and humans this makes up security for organizations.

Deterrence by way of human is referred to as a security guard, even thought organizations use technology to reduce security violations (Fisher & Janoski, 2004); technology will never be able to take the place of a human security guard (Ortmeir, 2009). When using a security guard an organization can use plain or uniformed officers, this is a visual deterrence for the criminals and will help prevent crimes or opportunities of crime. This will make the criminals come up with a plan of action, to commit the crime, or it may prevent the attempt of crime all together. Other ways a human deterrent can be used is by going undercover as a janitor or employee of the organization to prevent and learn about crimes that are being planned. Value of the human system is extremely important in the diversions of criminal activity.

Technology is an important asset for organizations that are trying to prevent crimes from happening to their assets, currently on the market they are several different products that can be purchased and used to prevent crimes. Closed circuit televisions, cameras, ID cards, alarms, biometric scanners, and hidden microphones these devices are designed for the purpose of security. Most organization has a person that is in charge of security, security manager would be their title, or the organization will search for a company that is educated and skilled in the area of security, these companies will analyze the needs, necessities, and the level of security of the organization. These technologies are for areas that are least occupied by people, these area's were camera's will be located are area's that are important to the organization such as blind spots and they will need to be under constant surveillance, examples of blinds spots could be parking lots, hallways, these areas are important to the organization. This will allow a record of the crime when it has been committed or is in the process of being committed this will allow the security team to proceed accordingly. The value of gathering this information will be able to locate and prosecute the criminals that are involved in the crime.

Policies and procedures to prevent crimes against an organization is an in-depth process and it should not be taken lightly. When a company has the correct policies and procedures the company can stay alert to all the new techniques and up to date information that is needed to prevent or curtail anything that may arise. The process of policies and procedures will be ongoing, you will need a specialist to analyze and create the best processes available. Policies and procedures are extremely important, the specialist should be able to develop the policies and procedures that best fir the risk level of the organization.

The most important part of a company are the people that work for that company, they are the biggest asset along with the contents of the company. It is important to protect your people and your property as a company. The company was started with a set of ideals and plans, the company holds secrets to how they do business, this gives them an advantage over the competition so it's the security manager or an outside company that is in charge to make sure the company can hang on to their ideals and conduct business safely. Also to maintain security from the inside of the company there are companies that will plant someone inside to try to find out about the secrets the company has, they will try stealing these ideals at any cost. So with good security in place the company will be safe to conduct its business safely, and the assets of the company are taken care of because of a strong security process in place.

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