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Positive Alternatives To Physical Intervention

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Under: Skills For Security
The use of physical intervention can increase risk to everyone who might be involved. For this reason every effort should be made to reduce the need for physical intervention. The goal is to reduce the need for physical intervention - not just to teach safer interventions.

Security staff should have some training in the knowledge and skills required to avoid or reduce the risk of conflict and calm a situation which is escalating. In this section I'll briefly review these vital primary and secondary measures which should be at the forefront when managing conflict situations.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) encourages us to consider a number of ways which can contribute to safety using the following model: Primary - Secondary - Tertiary

Primary Controls

This refers to practical action that can be taken to prevent or reduce conflict and risk. At an organisational level this can include establishing policies and guidance, safe systems of work, carrying out risk assessments and providing security staff with equipment and training. It can include CCTV, access control and means of monitoring lone or remote workers and raising alarms. At an individual level this involves understanding the risks, respecting the needs of the service user, complying with safe practice guidance and putting training and learning into practice. Ensuring appropriate staffing levels and high standards of service provision are all primary measures that help to reduce the incidence of conflict. Preventive action can also include reviewing incidents so as to learn from what happened and prevent it from happening again.

Secondary Controls      

This refers to action taken to prevent conflict situations from escalating. These responses are generally interpersonal skills used to de-escalate and calm a situation. You will have met these responses during sometime in your life. 

Tertiary Controls

This refers to actions taken when a situation reaches a point where there is a serious risk of being assaulted. This will include removing yourself from a high risk situation, using an exit strategy or, if necessary, a physical intervention. It also includes action taken to support people involved following the high risk incident and the reporting, recording and review of the circumstances.

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