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Personal Alarms For The Elderly

Posted by Mark Davis on Monday, January 31, 2022 Under: Personal Security
Dedicating time to care for our elderly loved ones, without additional assistance, has become harder.

Equally importantly, our elderly loved ones do not want to feel we are smothering them, or that they are worrying us unnecessarily. They want to keep their independence and go about their day-to-day lives without feeling that they are either a burden or that they are constantly being observed or ‘checked on’.

Personal alarms have become increasingly popular to help assist in our busy lives and give reassurance in times where we can’t be there in person if there is an emergency.

Types of Personal Alarms

There are different types of personal alarms to suit every user depending on their individual needs. These include Family & Friends Alarms that connect directly to their own nominated contacts. This can include family, friends and neighbours. Offering a higher level of protection and safety, there is a 24/7 monitored option where all calls will go through to a response centre. Here, trained operators will answer the call and make sure the alarm user is ok. They can call the emergency services, and family friends, depending on the circumstances. They are available 24/7, so help is always available.

SureSafe have a large range of alarms and that’s why they are rated as one of the top personal alarms providers in the UK. They have a 4.81 out of 5-star average review rating. One of their best-selling personal alarms is the SureSafeGO. It is a Fully Mobile GPS alarm that can be worn at home or when ‘out and about’, and helps keep the alarm user safe wherever they go. With this personal alarm, you have the option to link to your Family and Friends, or straight to the 24/7 monitored response centre. The most popular option is ‘24/7 Monitored alarm’ as no call goes unanswered. The SureSafeGO also has the great addition of automatic fall detection being included as a standard. If your loved one trips or falls, the personal alarm will automatically call for help without the need to press the button.

If you are after a wrist-worn personal alarm that has automatic fall detection, look no further than FallSafe. The FallSafe is also a 24/7 monitored device with a massive 100m range meaning that even if you have a house with a large garden, you are covered wherever you are at home. A wrist-worn device is sometimes easier for older people that may suffer from memory conditions such as Dementia as they can leave the watch on even in the shower so they don’t have to remember to put it on each morning. They never have to take it off.

Why are personal alarms so important to help older people remain independent?

To have the extra assistance of a personal alarm is vital in this day and age. Lives are getting busier, hours at work are getting longer and especially for sons and daughters of elderly parents, it is hard not to feel guilty for not being able to care for our mothers and fathers around the clock.

A personal alarm is the great middle ground in order to give our loved ones the independence they crave, and also to reassure minds of their nearest and dearest. With the choice between Family & Friends alarms or using a professionally monitored response centre, it means no matter the situation, the alarm user is never alone with SureSafe.

SureSafe focuses on keeping people in their homes for longer. Independence is crucial and with personal alarm devices, it becomes much easier to do just that. It instantly reduces worry on the part of family members and gives reassurance that no matter the circumstances, help can be on its way.

Minutes matter and the faster you get medical assistance in an emergency situation the better. To find out more about why SureSafe personal alarms are so important to provide an extra layer of reassurance and safety. 

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