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March 8, 2019
Today, more than ever, hotel security has grown to encompass more than just emergency and evacuation plans, a stern visit to a rowdy room, or a security guard at the hotel's entrance. Like all other large facilities in a post 9/11 world, hotels must protect themselves and their guests against terrorists looking for a high-throughput environment that would draw media and public attention in the case that an event transpires there.

The connotations of contemporary threats translate into several crucial aspects regarding hotel security. First, the risk assessment is no longer an option for hotels, but rather a necessary tool. Secondly, the security manager and his or her team must be professionally trained and qualified to deal with today's contemporary hotel security threats. Third, hotels benefit from joining an industry organization whereby they can be kept abreast of measures that their competitors are taking in terms of hotel security. Finally, hotels must have an orderly system in place whereby they are periodically updated about the local and/or national security warning level by law-enforcement bodies.

In the case that a hotel is not mandated to undergo a hotel security risk assessment by local or national authorities, it must take this responsibility upon itself. That is, a professional risk assessment will help a hotel identify its assets, the potential threats to those assets, and the magnitude of losses in the event that the threat manifests. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a risk assessment will draw conclusions and provide workable recommendations and countermeasures to be implemented by the hotel management. Although a professional risk assessment prevents a formidable investment for the hotel itself, it is the most imperative investment that the entity can make.

Most hotels have a security manager or chief of hotel security operations who is responsible for a crew of security guards. Today's managers and their teams must be professionally trained and educated regarding modern threats that face the hotel security industry. In addition to knowing how to properly monitor security technologies such as CCTV, access-control and other integrated hotel security systems, today's hotel security [] managers and officers must be trained in identifying suspicious behaviors, interpreting body language and cris-response intervention.

Thirdly, many countries or states have collective hotel associations that provide a supportive community network for local hotels. Some examples include the IH&RA ( International Hotel & Restaurant Association ), the AH&LA (American Hotel and Lodging Association), the EHMA (European Hotel Managers Association) and the IHA (Israeli Hotel Association). These fraternal organizations are the ideal platform for hotels to gain support in regards to how their counterparts are providing services to their clients.

Finally, hotels must have an orderly system in place whereby they are periodically updated about the local and/or national security warning level by law-enforcement bodies. Many national and/or local law enforcement bodies make this aspect of hotel security a requirement. That is, the hotels in a given area must be willing to have a consistent flow of dialogue between police or state security forces, and themselves. Through updates, and even set standards, these hotels will be better equipped to provide the best to their guests.

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