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Vacant Property Security North West

September 27, 2020
Spartan 24 Hour Security Vacant Property Services

There are many reasons why you may choose to leave your premises unoccupied for a lengthy period of time, but doing so can often be risky. Empty buildings are far more vulnerable to external threats, potentially resulting in costly damage. However, with Spartan’s vacant property security, your establishment will be safe and protected at all times.

Effective vacant property services

We secure your building from noon on the day it becomes empty, providing security solutions until construction begins, new tenants move in or the sale is completed.

Before we begin work, each property is subjected to a thorough assessment to determine site-specific requirements, allowing us to make security equipment recommendations and conduct all necessary safety upgrades.

Tailor-made security solutions for your empty premises

We provide vacant property security in Warrington and throughout North West England, establishing close relationships with our clients to understand their requirements and preferences. This enables us to develop solutions in line with their plans for the building and their unique way of working. Our bespoke approach can be applied to managing and estate agents, developers, investors, care home operators, housing associations and local councils. When it comes to securing vacant property, Spartan 24 Hour Security will always provide a personalised security strategy, and never a one-size-fits-all service.

Vacant property security tackling all threats

Unavoidable difficulties mean that development, refurbishment and re-letting projects won’t always be as speedy as you’d hoped for. Perhaps it’s taken longer to complete a planning permission application or your construction team is running behind schedule.

If unforeseen circumstances leave your premises vacant for longer than expected, it’s important to upgrade your property security in line with this. Otherwise, you risk the project being further delayed or even derailed altogether.

Potential security breaches

Even leaving a property vacant for just 24 hours carries significant risk, as squatters and metal thieves can still take what they want in that short space of time. As thieves are adept at identifying empty premises, many properties are broken into on the same day tenants or security guards leave. Unoccupied buildings are also more vulnerable to vandalism and dilapidation.

Cost-effective vacant property security

Our approach to vacant property security gives our clients major savings. Find out how we compare to conventional security measures like steel screens and manned guards. We also work to reduce empty rates tax on unoccupied premises.

Household risk management tips

September 22, 2020
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Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood or in a safe part of the city, you and your house can be a target of burglary or home invasion. That’s why everyone has to take some precautions and make their homes as secure as possible.

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Keeping Security Secure

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Physical Security During Coronavirus

September 20, 2020
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Close Protection in Hotels

September 9, 2020
It is inevitable that in the close protection business you will spend time in domestic and international hotels of some description.  Always do your research online before booking a hotel; research crime statistics, ratings from others who have stayed there and check out the area with Google Earth. If your hotel has been booked for you by your company still research the place and if you find potential issues get them to change it.   

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Office Security Warrington

August 29, 2020
It seems like the only thing you hear about today is cybersecurity. Yes, it is a serious issue. But don’t forget that you need to have security measures in place to protect your office as well.

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Office Security

August 8, 2020
Offices can contain a wide range of valuable items - from computers, to legal documents, to cash. Having an effective security policy not only protects the contents of your building from theft, it can also reduce the cost of your insurance premium. Whilst every organisation is different, below are some general guidelines to follow to help make sure your building is secure.

Use a monitored alarm system

An alarm should be among the first things to think about installing to enhance security; it is...

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School Security

July 29, 2020
A stable and effective security strategy in schools is one thing. Maintaining a high standard of safety for all those within the premises is another. So, where do the two meet? And how can you be prepared for situations you might not be expecting? 

Security and safety in schools is high on the agenda for parents, students, teachers, facilities teams, governing bodies and local education authorities. When it comes to schools, everyone has a role to play in the implementation of an effective sch...

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