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Posted by Howard Trott on Thursday, September 27, 2018 Under: Security Services
What makes a good manned security company? having the ability to protect either a building, assets or a human being. Anyone without a criminal record can obtain an SIA security licence. Being able to do the job to a high standard is another matter. Having a backbone, common sense and being street wise helps. Good verbal and written skills also helps to give a first class security service.


We have taken over several sites where the security they had on before wasn't up to the job. Either having bad written and verbal communication, some guards couldn't speak a word of English which is laughable. We took over a bar where the Door Supervisors use to go missing every time an incident occurred. 

As it states on our website we provide more than just a body or a suit filler. It's OK working on a bar or club looking the part, 6ft 5 and built like a tank. If you have no communication skills or worse no backbone it's pointless being there. Here at Spartan 24 Hour Security all out staff are hand picked. Have good common sense, something between their ears besides their nose and can look after themselves. Be honest, if you can't look after yourself you can't look after anyone else.

Take a look around our website and you'll see that we provide most manned security services. Working in security can be as hard or easy as you like to make it. Having a bad attitude or being lazy won't get you anywhere, being a coward will get you hurt and the clients you are trusted to look after. Nothing beats experience, when you have that you can cope with almost any situation, whether you are working as a security guard, door supervisor or close protection operative. 

At Spartan 24 Hour Security we enjoy a challenge and take on work other firms can't or won't do. You get what you pay for, if you want just a body you might as well put a scarecrow or manikin on site as they don't snore. So think carefully before taking on manned security and what standard you are after. If you want one of the best manned security services give us a call. Thanks for reading.

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