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Posted by Adam Miles on Monday, April 8, 2024 Under: Event Security
North West England Event Security are recognised as the UK’s fastest growing crowd management and event security provider. We have exceptional experience in the supply of event security services and event safety personnel to some of UK’s most popular outdoor events.


We recognise that each client faces unique challenges therefore we evaluate and adapt our service on an ongoing basis. From last minute deployment changes, increase in client requirements, any increase in terror threat levels.


Our focus is always on preparing and scheduling each deployment for every eventuality and pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to changing requirements due to our experienced, flat management structure which ensures the lines of communication are immediate and decisive.


Our event documentation is very thorough and robust to ensure our management teams, control room staff, supervisors and frontline teams are fully immersed in the events operational plan. Information would routinely include events FAQ’s, event command structure, any event specific policies, site maps and positional dot plans.


With a staffing infrastructure of 500 safety and security personnel, we have the capacity to operate throughout the UK at major events, providing a wide range of security and safety personnel. In addition to this we also provide specialist services that include Close Protection Officers, Artist Security, Behavioural Detection Officers.


Another key factor in our event delivery is ensuring welfare of our employees and promote the safety and protection of the wider community in what can often be a difficult or complex environment.

Some additional specialist events we have provided bespoke services include red carpet events, award ceremonies, film premieres and book signings.


North West England Event Security operates a risk-based approach to our event arena operations. We understand that planning is crucial to the success of any event.


Our approach to each arena event is unique and we work in partnership with our clients through the planning, delivery and debrief stages to minimise risk and ensure that client’s needs are met.

North West England Event Security provides a friendly, consistent level of customer service and venue specific operational procedures including entry queue management, security searching and customer care across its arena portfolio.

As more versatile and multi-purpose event arena spaces come to life, North West England Event Security have adapted venue specific training, logistics and operations to guarantee exceptional customer service and wellbeing.

North West England Event Security provide a flexible approach to creating a tailored, solution driven model depending on the venue and client’s needs.


Across venues of all sizes and genres, North West England Event Security continues to maintain a high standard of security and a safe and friendly environment for the thousands of people experiencing live entertainment throughout the country. Our commitment to delivering operational excellence forges close relationships with arena operators, promoters, and event organisers.

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