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Mobile Security Patrols Ellesmere Port

Posted by Doug French on Sunday, November 19, 2023 Under: Mobile Motorcycle Patrols
Mobile Security Patrols Ellesmere Port. Mobile security patrols provide an efficient 24 hour physical security solution that provides one of the most effective forms of property protection. The presence of a Ellesmere Port mobile security patrol outside your property or parked on your street gives round-the-clock security protection to your home.

Ellesmere Port Mobile security patrols differ from the engagement of a residential security team insofar as they mostly operate outside of the property. This forms an additional outer layer of protection where the security guards can monitor, deter and intercept any unwanted behaviour.

Our team of conscientious Ellesmere Port security guards will permanently be your ‘eyes and ears’, covertly maintaining a watchful eye, providing an efficient deterrent and always ready to respond to any unwanted interference.

Each Ellesmere Port security guard is individually vetted and selected from some of the UK’s most elite military units. Astute, proactive and physically robust our operatives are licensed in close protection and are highly experienced.

Operating discreetly providing 24/7 protective surveillance from inside a vehicle, our team will blend into the local area and become familiar with the daily pattern of life. Any suspicious activity will be monitored, recorded and if necessary, reported to the police. All information is collated and submitted via a written report.

‍Whether deployed at a specific property or a collective group of properties, whether the property is occupied or vacant, Ellesmere Port mobile security patrols are affordable and provide the most effective form of security protection for your property or home.

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