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Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Thursday, January 11, 2018 Under: Mobile Motorcycle Patrols
Cheshire Mobile Security Patrols. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide a professional Motorcycle Security Patrol service. Motorcycle riders are advanced motorbike riders and SIA security licenced. Cheshire Mobile patrol service provides you with an efficient and cost effective high visibility alternative to employing a full time static site security guard. So no matter the size of your business, we have a solution that fits you and your requirements.

Not only are our mobile patrols highly visible acting as a visible deterrent, but they are available at short notice and payable on a per visit basis. This means that budgeting for your security provision is made much simpler using this service.

All of our highly experienced mobile patrol security officers cover a variety of businesses across the North West. These businesses include logistics depots, hospitals, schools, construction sites, warehouses, distribution centres and corporate buildings to name a few. Our mobile security patrol service is available across the North West including Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.

The attending Mobile Patrol Security Officers will visit the premise outside of work hours, carry out a thorough patrol of all pre-agreed areas, perform general housekeeping tasks to minimise loss and reduce waste, check for vandalism, criminal damage, nuisance behaviour, health and safety issues etc. Mobile Patrol Officers can also conduct a lock up and/or unlock service at prearranged times removing any need for you to give out keys and alarm codes to your staff or members of your family. Our team of highly experienced mobile patrol officers can also liaise with maintenance staff and contractors to assist with out of hours work.

It’s been proven that the presence of a patrol is an excellent deterrent to crime. And as specialists in total security services, we can provide you and your business with peace of mind that your corporate security needs are met and exceeded.

Motorcycle Patrols tasks are:
  • Locking and unlocking premises
  • Setting and unsetting alarms
  • Checking access points
  • Ensuring the building and premises are secure
  • Liaising with maintenance staff and contractors
  • Out of hours checks on all business premises
  • Random patrols to avoid detection by intruders
  • Monitoring activity and reporting issues
  • Reporting any potential security issues
  • Reporting any potential health and safety issues
Mobile Patrols, random or timed patrols, can improve visibility of your premises out of hours and deter any would be intruders and provide a cost effective solution to protect your premises without the expense of a full time, fully manned security officer on duty.

Our mobile patrol services are fully qualified and carry out their visits in compliance with BS7499 standards. All of our services are regulated by the Government Security Industry Authority (SIA). When you book mobile patrols with Spartan 24 Hour Security, we will consult with you to develop a personal visit schedule including duties that you would like our mobile security patrols to perform. In addition to checking the status of your premises at regular intervals, our guards can provide a number of auxiliary services including (but not limited to) checking the temperature in your server rooms; making sure the right lights are on and off; and ensuring that fire fighting equipment is in the proper location.

Our mobile patrol services are ideal for covering out of office hours; for locking and opening your premises at scheduled times; and for patrolling open areas so would-be trespassers are discouraged from entering your grounds. Any incident or action taken is fully logged and reported.

In the event of a security situation, our mobile patrol team will take rapid action on your behalf. Our mobile security patrols will assess, intervene and control the situation and will not leave your site until it is fully secure once again.

Empty and vacant premises are always a potential target. Having us carry out patrols & visits out of hours to ensure the property is secure. Patrols can be as many times per week or night as suits you as are charged per visit. We can even unlock your premises prior to staff commencing work and /or carry out an internal patrol & lock down once they have left for the day.

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