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Mobile Motorcycle Patrols Cheshire

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 Under: Mobile Motorcycle Patrols
Cheshire Mobile security patrols can offer a cost effective alternative to static security guards. Mobile patrol teams can carry out routine site/premises checks as well as attending when security or safety is compromised, such as an out-of-hours alarm activation.

The service which we provide is applicable to both businesses and homeowners, with one of the main benefits being peace of mind. Businesses and homeowners can be confident in the knowledge that someone is routinely checking on their property. In fact, our mobile security patrols will routinely check on your property at the time(s) of day that you consider to be appropriate, such as outside of office hours or when you are away on holiday.

All of our mobile security patrols are SIA licensed and operate to British Standard codes of practice. The service is fully insured and offers full indemnity. We issue all patrols with appropriate technology to provide you with detailed reports which can help with insurance.

Spartan 24 Hour Security can offer Mobile Security Patrols and Motorcycle Patrols of residential and commercial premises as a cost-effective alternative to a permanent manned guarding presence. A patrol vehicle will attend your property at pre-arranged or random times and conduct a full check as specified in your instructions. The service is flexible and can be amended at short notice to suit a customer’s security requirements. It offers the perfect balance between detection and deterrence.

Mobile patrols are conducted in accordance with the patrol schedule agreed with our customer. A uniformed operative in a vehicle or on a motorcycle will visit your property at the specified intervals and typically conduct an external check of all doors, windows, vehicles and outbuildings. Should there be any indication of an attempted or actual break-in, we will inform the emergency keyholder and request the assistance of the police before further investigation is carried out.

All customers to whom we deliver mobile patrols are afforded a range of high-visibility signage to add greater deterrence value. A choice of warning boards, gate signs and window stickers are all available at no extra cost.

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