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Manned Guarding Warrington

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Under: Manned Guarding Warrington
Manned guarding Warrington is where you have a particularly vulnerable site or something that is at high risk. In these circumstances Warrington manned guarding (security guards) is required because mobile security patrols would not be sufficient. It would be where you want a man on site, patrolling and carrying out visual checks to ensure your property is protected.

The benefits of manned guarding are:
  • Ensuring nothing of value goes missing.
  • Immediate attendance to any situation.
  • Visual deterrent.
In the ideal world you as a client pay us for ‘nothing’!
In other words if we are doing our job correctly nothing will happen on your site and nothing will go missing so you will be delighted to pay us for ‘nothing’. So at the end of the shift you will receive a report showing that nothing has happened due to our presence. So whilst we joke that you pay for nothing what we really want you to understand is that due to the manned guarding your site is well protected and you are able to continue with your project without interruption.

Our experience has shown us that it is not so much the loss of the property in terms of cost that is the main issue, it is usually the time cost in replacing the stolen property that proves the biggest loss factor for the business. Projects have deadlines, penalties, cash flow and other costs and finding replacements for stolen property can carry the biggest cost of all which is why the cost of manned guarding can be minimal in comparison.

The typical companies using manned guarding would be construction companies. These are the temporary projects that require a physical presence on site whilst the work is being carried out. Another popular use for manned guarding is for reception at sites such as factories so that the security company takes responsibility for checking people and vehicles in and out. By having a security guard on site they are also covering the fact that should an incident occur they have a licensed person on site.

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