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Is security work dangerous?

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 Under: Skills For Security
Is security work dangerous? it depends on the type of security work you do and where you do it. Covering security at a quiet office out of hours is going to relatively risk free unless you make things hard for yourself. Like setting off alarms or sleeping through your shift. The other end of the spectrum is working in Afghanistan or Iraq where there is a risk of being shot or blown up. With any type of security work it can be as hard or as easy as you make it. For instance working in a bar or nightclub with a bad attitude and no interpersonal skills is going to create more problems.


Working as a Door Supervisor

Good communication skills are important, common sense and being able to defuse incidents is vital. The training you get for your SIA licence is beneficial but it still comes down to the individual and how good they are with people. Also how good someone is under pressure and dealing with difficult situations. The more experienced you get the better you become, there are exceptions but usually those individuals don't last that long in the industry.

The days of the old bouncer are long gone, where the job involved just throwing people out. Being a hard man was the main attribute to have. Now it's more down to good communication skills, you still need to be able to look after yourself or you shouldn't be doing this kind of work and having a good head on your shoulders is a must. Bullies and thugs should play no part in looking after a venue. People want to feel as ease and enjoy themselves not feel threatened by the security staff. 

With all new Door Supervisors working at a venue they are usually put with someone experienced. Someone who can teach them the ropes and become their mentor. It still comes down to the individual. I've worked with people that have little or no patience, they don't last long, or staff that hide when an incident happens. Those people are out of the door straight away as they put staff and punters at risk.

If you are interested in becoming a Door Supervisor think about what the job involves and if you are up to the tasks. If you don't think you are cut out for this type of work don't do it just for an income. You won't last long and you might get someone hurt or injured yourself.

So is security work dangerous? it's how good a person is at their job and what type of work they do. There is a level of danger at any site or venue it's just having the common sense and experience to recognise the dangers. 

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