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Information on working as a Door Supervisor

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Friday, February 2, 2018 Under: Information On Becoming A Door Supervisor
Common sense and the ability to communicate effectively with people are just two of the skills required to be a good Door Supervisor. Gone are the days of the Bouncer who threw people out and asked questions later.

Door supervisors are on duty at licensed premises and places of regulated entertainment like nightclubs, pubs and discos. They are responsible for keeping order and ensuring the comfort, safety and security of customers and staff. They enforce club regulations on who can come in, and on dress code, carry out safety checks and liaise with the police. Door supervisors can be male or female.

Getting Licenced

You need a door supervisor licence if your job involves guarding a licensed premises.

A licensed premises is any premises that is open to the public which sells alcohol or provides regulated entertainment.

You do not need a door supervisor licence if your job only involves the use of CCTV equipment.

To get a door supervisor licence you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Pass an identity check
  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Have a recognised door supervisor qualification
  • Before you apply for your licence you must get a qualification in door supervision that is recognised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

To get a qualification in door supervision you must take 4 training modules and pass 3 exams. Your training will take at least 4 days.

The modules you must study are:

  • SIA’s ‘Common’ module
  • Door supervision module
  • Conflict management module
  • Physical intervention skills module

Work Activities

Door supervisors check on people going in and out of hotels, pubs, clubs, casinos and other licensed venues. In clubs and pubs, they also calm people down in tense or aggressive situations so that both customers and staff are able to enjoy the evening.

Door supervisors make sure that customers are dressed according to club rules, for example, some venues refuse entry to people wearing trainers or jeans. Other clubs restrict entry to couples only.

Door supervisors are responsible for:

  • Meeting and greeting customers
  • Queue management outside venues
  • Checking proof of age
  • The safety and comfort of customers
  • Making sure that fire safety regulations are followed
  • Checking fire equipment and emergency exits
  • Being aware of licensing regulations
  • Searching customers for drugs and weapons
  • Watching behaviour inside the venue
  • Dealing with situations such as when customers are drunk or abusive.

They might have to count people going in and out to make sure that fire and safety regulations are not being broken. When the legal limit is reached, they might have to stop people going in.

Door supervisors record details of any incidents that occur and sometimes need to give evidence to the police.

If someone tries to use a false ID to gain entry, a door supervisor can ask them to hand it over. The door supervisor records details about the person, fills in an entry in the incident book, and hands the ID in to the police.

Door supervisors often work in pairs, and in larger venues they work as members of a team. They are usually responsible for making sure that people leave the premises safely at the end of an event. They might spend several hours standing outside in all types of weather. When they are inside, they might be working in a noisy, hot environment.

Door supervisors must be willing to wear a uniform if required. They often wear radio headsets to keep in contact with other staff.

Personal Qualities and Skills

  • Responsible and alert.
  • Able to keep calm and fair with all customers in sometimes difficult situations.
  • Observant and polite, with good communication skills.
  • Tactful and diplomatic.
  • Able to sort out an aggressive situation or resolve conflict without putting yourself or those around you in unnecessary danger.
  • Prepared to work late nights and weekends.
  • In good physical condition, as you could spend a long time on your feet.
  • Confident and assertive.
  • Prepared to work with a variety of people and able to work in a team.

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