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Household risk management tips

Posted by Adam Best on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 Under: Home Security
Home safety should be top priority for any homeowner. Everyone wants and should feel safe in their own home so it is important to take necessary measures of securing it.

Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood or in a safe part of the city, you and your house can be a target of burglary or home invasion. That’s why everyone has to take some precautions and make their homes as secure as possible.

Here you can find out about some of the most common risks, as well as get some risk management tips. Make your home a less attractive target for burglary, make it harder to break into, and put some kind of a security system in place. There are many things you could do, so let’s see what and how.

Know your neighbours

Let’s start with some simple and obvious things you could do to protect your home. First of all, it can be very valuable to know who your neighbours are and to be on good terms with them. There will always be a neighbour at home while you’re at work, or away for any other reason, and the chances are they will notice if something out of the ordinary is going on, if strangers are snooping around your house, or trying to break in. They can call you or the police and report it on time.

If you are on good terms with them you can even ask them to check on your house every once in a while, and keep an eye on it when you’re not home. And you can do the same for them in return.

Secure your doors and windows

It may seem too simple or obvious, but it has to be mentioned. Always lock your doors and windows, and always check them when you leave your house.

Many sometimes forget to do it and it makes things very easy for the potential burglars or home invaders. Lock them whether you’re home or away, when you come in or go out, and always check them before you go to bed.

Another thing to inspect is the frames and hinges on the doors, if they are strong and stable enough. Check for any holes in the doors as well as different slots through which the lock could be reached.

Important! Never leave your key hidden somewhere outside your house. The hiding places are usually obvious and the chances are that the burglars will have no problem locating them.

When it comes to windows, you can put locks on them, and the best solution are those operated with a key.

Also secure the window glass itself, especially those by the doors where burglars could break it and reach the door lock. Use tempered, shatterproof or safety glass to make it stronger.

Reduce possible hiding spots

If you have a lot of shrubs, bushes, trees, or a big, tall fence it makes it easier to sneak around the house and hide. Clear the landscape as much as you can, trim your plants, and get a nice clean view of the area around your home.

Install outdoor lighting

Installing an outdoor lighting system will help you feel more secure at night. The best solution is to have motion-sense lights which will turn on when something or somebody is moving around your house, alerting you of potential dangers. Burglars are less likely to carry on with their plans if the lights turn on as they can be seen easily.

Install a security system

Last but not least, a proper security system provides the best protection and every home should have one. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple alarms, to the more complex systems. Evaluate your home and your needs when it comes to security, as well as the area or the neighbourhood where you live, and decide what the best option for you is, what you feel most comfortable with.

The more features your system has, the safer you will feel, but simple alarms are usually enough to deter the burglars. You can opt for simple alarms on your doors and windows which will set off when a break-in is detected. It can scare the burglars, it can give you time to call the police if you’re home, and if you’re not, it can alarm the neighbours so that they can call them.

Another option is a monitored system. With this system, there is an offsite monitoring centre which contacts you when the alarm goes off to make sure everything is OK. If they cannot reach you they will call the police, or if they do reach you and you are in some kind of danger, they can call the police once again.

There are more options, some simpler, some more complex and developed, but it’s up to you and your specific needs which one you will choose.

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