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Hiring Cheap Security Guards Is A Bad Option

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Under: Security Guards
Do you really believe the low cost bid will provide you with an effective security guard? many organisations hire security guards because they 'have to' or in order to compete for business or employees, or to make customers feel more safe. Many companies don't care if the security guard can do the job effectively, they just want a warm body on site.

The mentality of hiring security guards has not changed over the years, in most cases it is still 'the lowest bid' gets the work. These low priced security firms pay their staff low wages, which in most cases mean a high turnover of security staff and no loyalty. So as a customer you'll be getting a very poor standard of security on your site, like our sleeping friend above. Can you imagine buying a car built by a company who pay the lowest wages, the least trained, and the highest turnover of staff and lack of loyalty, and expect a well-built safe car.

This mentality leads to an equal number of security companies that will fill the bill with low wage, poorly trained, high turnover guards, and these are the security guards that will end up costing you money and getting you into trouble, such as lost stock, damage to property, assault on a customer or member of staff. Can you imagine sending your child to a college that used lowest bid security guards for the student halls? would you feel secure at a hospital that used this method to hire the hospital security guards? the answer to these is obviously no.

Think carefully before hiring security guards and what you expect from them. You get what you pay for, so it's better paying that little extra for a professional security guard rather than paying less and getting a cardboard cutout or sleeping beauty.   

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