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Posted by Mike Smith on Sunday, February 4, 2024 Under: Security Guards
Glasgow Security Guard Services. A security officer (or security guard) is a person who is paid to protect property, assets, or people. Generally the role falls into these sections:

  • Corporate
  • Industrial
  • Domestic

Maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, observing (either directly, through patrols, or by watching alarm systems/ video cameras) for signs of crime, fire or disorder; then taking action and reporting any incidents to their client and emergency services as appropriate.

There are many reasons why security guards are utilised and are a fantastic asset to deploy especially if you have concerns regarding out of hours security of your premises or to vet your visitors to site whilst enhancing a meet and greet service.

Security Guard Duties

A private security officer's primary duty is the prevention and deterrence of crime. A security guard enforces company rules and can act to protect lives and property; they have a contractual obligation to provide these actions.

Over the years the role of the security officer has become more diverse incorporating many different duties. In addition to basic deterrence, locking up and unlocks, security guards are often trained to perform specialised tasks such as reception based meet and greet, health & safety checks, arrest and control, operate emergency equipment, perform first aid, take accurate notes, write detailed reports, and perform other tasks as required by the client they are serving.

The Benefits

Glasgow Security guards look after a diverse range of businesses, whilst incorporating the security of your premises and welfare of your staff allowing you to concentrate on running your business. With this diversity, a client can select and install specific duties, based on your business requirements, to ensure they target and protect your key concerns.

They are the eyes and ears in many areas of your business that would normally draw you away from your priorities or you may not have time to concentrate on.

There are various technologies available to assist a security operative, which means whilst they conduct their duties they can also provide the evidence that all duties are being carried out giving the client piece of mind that the service is value for money and achieving the desired results.

Having a physical presence rather than a total technology based solution means that you have a proactive patrol that can listen, see and respond accordingly adjusting to the situation at hand, a technology based solution cannot do this.

All Glasgow security guards have to be SIA licensed which means they have undergone police national computer checks as well, so you can be rest assured of the integrity of all operatives as well having been trained under the SIA guidelines.

A security officer is normally your company's first line of contact for people visiting your site, wanted or unwanted, it’s not something you want to leave to chance.

Our security guards cover Glasgow and across Scotland.

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