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Family Guard Dogs

Posted by Maureen Holden on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
While family guard dogs are not really limited to certain breeds, there are specialized breeds of dog that take to the job of guarding really well. Perfect examples of these specialized breed of guard dogs are the Doberman Pinscher and the very common but eminently popular German Shepherd.

All dogs are instinctive guard dogs at heart. Well, that really was a false sweeping statement. Some dogs don't really guard all that well like the Labrador and the Retriever. Chances are, they will wag their tails at the first sight of strangers. On the other hand, the German Shepherd is the ultimate security guard. They instinctively know by sight, sound, smell and footstep patterns whether an approaching person should be there or not. If its the latter, the dog will give a warning growl. If the stranger foolishly walks on, the dog will bark which will culminate in a dog bite if the stranger proves to be foolish.

While it would be easy for a human being to bring down a guard dog with the use of poison or some technological gadget, the burglar doesn't really want to do that. Not because of any soft spots for dogs, but because of the potential noise that may happen if he tangles with a dog. So, if you have a big dog guarding your house, then you're one step away from being worry free of being robbed. Surprisingly, smaller breed dogs are feistier than their bigger cousins.

While the barking dog is a good indication of a stranger nearby, the dog that always bark will be compared to the boy who cried wolf. In cases like these, the owner gets used to the silly and useless barking and will tend to ignore it in future. This totally defeats the purpose of having a guard dog. With the proper training, a silly barking dog can be transformed into a proper guard dog. Did you know that if you isolate your dog more times than setting him free, your dog will bark at everything that jumps? A dog that is isolated tends to become nervous when it is let out. It barks to compensate for his being outside his territory.

The best thing to do is to give your dog access points to and from the inside of your house. This way, the dog has free reign of your entire property. Just make sure that those access points are secure enough so that a burglar can't use it to his advantage. The dog door should be far enough away from the door handle. It would be best to install additional locks higher on up the door so that if the thief somehow manages to unlock the door handle, there would still be other locks for him to deal with. A key locking and unlocking door lock would be nice too.

Flaunt your dog. If the burglar scouting out your location sees your dog or the dog house, there's a big chance that the thief will move on to the next victim. Place signs on each open side of your property that warns people of the presence of family guard dogs. Display the dog house in a prominent area on your yard that is easily seen from outside your property.

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