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Posted by Dave Morris on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 Under: Close Protection
Executive & VIP Protection UK is no longer exclusively for the rich and famous. Traditionally known as bodyguards, Close Protection Operatives (CPO's) provide Executive and VIP protection for families, corporate executives, celebrities and non-profit organisations who are exposed to risk at home, work or while travelling.

As the world has changed, so security risks have become more complex. Besides the obvious risks of travelling in the UK, you need to reach your destination calm and relaxed.

Spartan 24 Hour Security Executive & VIP Protection Services provide holistic close protection services that help you avoid or reduce your risk of being confronted by a hostile situation, becoming stranded without help or worse.

We focus on achieving your travel objectives smoothly and with as little risk as possible, and use our diverse skill-set to effectively assess, plan and carry out personal security services that align with your itinerary. Having worked in diverse and often demanding environments, Spartan 24 Hour Security Close Protection Operatives (Bodyguards) ensure confidential, world-class service at all times.

Benefits of working with Spartan Executive & VIP Protection:

Our team of professionals are able to manage client risk exposures, while providing a confidential world-class service.
Because each client is unique in their circumstances, Spartan will customise a security plan specific to your needs.
Spartan's management team has over 60 years combined experience in the Close Protection industry.

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