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Event and Venue Security Merseyside

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Event & Venue Security Merseyside

Whether you are planning a wedding or a high profile party or whether you are a corporate organisation seeking a secure environment for board meetings or AGMs or simply require a private and personal service we are able to provide you with a discreet and comprehensive package to safeguard you and your guests from unwanted attention or prying eyes.

Our Operations department will work with you from the initial planning stage of your event, ensuring that every aspect of your security has been considered and every eventuality is planned for before and during and in some cases after your event. Being available 24/7 we have staff on hand and are able to support our security teams on the ground and ensure your constant security.

If you already have a security team, but need it increased for a special event, we will seamlessly integrate our staff with your team to provide the extra support for added peace of mind. Spartan 24 Hour Security operators have been in the security business long enough to understand that no two assignments are the same. We pride ourselves on getting to know each of our customers and their security needs. This enables us to put together individual tailor-made packages which meet their collective security requirements.

All of our staff are discreet and will provide a low profile security service if required and can operate covertly and inconspicuously or can provide a more overt visible presence. Our staff are fully trained and licensed with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and both male and female operatives are available for our client’s specific needs.

Spartan 24 Hour Security can offer continuous advice and support in security and risk management services and products to clients across the hospitality spectrum. Our expertise can reach and cater for hotels and motels, restaurants and night clubs, golf courses and country clubs, wineries, spas, marinas and tourism facilities.

In today’s litigious society and criminal/terrorist environment, it is absolutely essential for every hospitality organisation to have a comprehensive security program which protects the organisation’s assets and adequately meets its obligation to provide a reasonable degree of security and safety to third parties. Employees, customers, management, clients, inventory, proprietary information, goods, equipment, vehicles, buildings, brand and reputation are all at risk. Today’s savvy customers will make their spending decisions based upon the level of security at your property.

Spartan 24 Hour Security can significantly increase our client’s economic performance and reduce potential liability while enhancing brand recognition and corporate reputation. Our programs allow clients to gain competitive advantages, improve profits through increased sales of value-added services, decrease company losses, safeguard their employees, assist in the protection of revenue and property and deliver exceptional customer service.

Do you require the design of a new security program or enhancements to your existing program? Our hospitality experts will perform a complete assessment of your physical and procedural security measures, or we can target a specific area of concern. Tailored to suit individual company needs, we work with our clients to develop, support and enhance security systems and procedures, focusing on a continued Return on Investment (ROI) approach rather than short-term temporary solutions.

Spartan 24 Hour Security can serve many organisations and environments including… hospitals, schools, businesses, industrial & commercial facilities & enterprises, utilities including energy, electric, gas, water, aerospace & high security facilities, government facilities, regional and national entertainment venues, major office buildings & complexes, banks, & financial institutions.

As important as the actual services of a security consultant are, even more important is who delivers them, what their experience, expertise, and knowledge comprises. It matters greatly.

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