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Door Supervisors Merseyside

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Thursday, May 25, 2017 Under: Door Supervisors
We are an established Door Supervisor company providing door supervisors to businesses and individuals in Merseyside and the North West England. We have been supplying door staff to Night clubs, Restaurants, Pubs and Private Parties with experienced doormen who are friendly and able to communicate with patrons without appearing too threatening or intimidating.

Far from being ‘bouncers’, professional door supervisors from Spartan 24 Hour Security are highly trained and regulated, adhering to modern legislation and so providing the level of professional presence that organisations expect to have as a security solution.

Our Professional SIA Door Supervisors are well-known for their positive and outgoing attitude, flexibility and reliability, high standard of personal presentation, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and high level experience in search procedures and customer-facing role.

The following are included as part of the roles and responsibilities of our Door Supervisors:

  • Facilitate the smooth running and operation of the venue.
  • Control ingress and egress of the venue and all exits.
  • To maintain the venues search policy, professionally and politely.
  • To ensure that patrons have a positive experience in a safe environment.
  • Assisting patrons and dealing with their concerns.
  • Observing the behaviour of patrons in the venue and maintaining the venues code of practice and conduct, by dealing appropriately and safely with those who are causing offence and potential danger or risk to themselves or others.
  • To ensure that licensing laws are upheld to prevent any criminal offences occurring in the venue.

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