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Door Supervisors for Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Manchester

Posted by Spartan 24 Hour Security on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Under: Door Supervisors Manchester

Manchester Door Supervisors. At Spartan 24 Hour Security we understand that our security services are often the front line defence against loss of revenue, damage to property, unpleasant incidents and aggressive behaviour. The days of a ‘bouncer’ are gone and in their place is the expectation of a professional, stable door supervisor who can diffuse situations.

As a rule we supply door supervisors with the personality for the job. For your business, it is not an unrealistic expectation to have door supervision staff who are well mannered, well presented and applying the correct ethics and morals.


Conflict resolutions on the streets of night time Britain is undertaken by our Door supervision officers within the full extent of the law and regulations laid out by the SIA. All of our door supervision officers are licensed by the SIA and come fully trained in their duties so you can rest assured that the door supervisor greeting your guests at the front entrance will present a professional image for your business.


Aggressive or unpleasant behaviour, intoxication or simply not being of legal age are just a few factors as the core of a door supervisor’s role. We endeavour to provide you with officers that can form a lasting relationship with you and your clientele. Our Door supervisors come fully trained in:


  • Drug awareness

  • Incident logging and reporting

  • Civil and criminal law

  • Health and safety

  • Equal opportunities


As part of the door supervisor’s induction process they will be trained in conflict management.


The standards we set ourselves for maintaining a superior level of service and support to you are what we pride ourselves on the most. So whether you are running a small local pub, nightclub, private party or a concert we can provide door supervisors who will ensure the event runs smoothly and safely.

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