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Posted by Steve Shaw on Saturday, January 9, 2021 Under: Corporate Event Security
Corporate Event Security UK. The kind of event security required depends on the type of event. Managers of corporate events should keep the following things in mind.

If the planners do not make it known that they recognise the importance of making special arrangements for key corporate personnel, it is likely that the event will not be well attended. High profile corporate guests are potential targets for kidnappers and hostage takers. And in today’s world, well-known corporate leaders are targeted by terrorists too. If companies are not satisfied with arrangements, they may not be willing to send the people who have the power to take important decisions.

The confidence of the attendees can be improved in the following ways:

  • Guests feel more secure if the security team has members who have been in the military or law enforcement departments.
  • Consulting a reputed expert in the field will also be a good idea. This will enable planners to take the right precautionary measures according to the risk assessment of the expert. The attendees will also feel more confident about attending a meeting where arrangements are supervised by an expert.
  • The expert will also be able to foresee the impact of emergency situations such as fire or a natural disaster on a particular venue.
Usually, event security personnel supervise the evacuation of buildings to prevent stampedes. Thus it is important that the personnel are given adequate instructions about how to deal with emergency situations. Planners must ensure that they have adequate arrangements for first aid and well chalked out plans for the transportation of people who need medical attention.

Since ID badges are issued to the attendees of most corporate events, it may be a good idea to incorporate security clearance devices in the badge itself. This will enable the guests to use the badge as a ticket for admittance.
Most of the time it is not be possible or feasible to have personnel posted in every corner of the venue. But it may be important to monitor all entrances and exits and also places like parking lots. In such a case, one person can keep an eye on a number of locations through a CCTV (Close Circuit Television) system.

Nowadays, wireless cameras that can transmit the footage through the internet to remote devices are available. These cameras are called IP cameras as they use internet protocol to transfer data. The latest models can transmit footage to hand held devices like mobile phones. The advantage of using IP cameras is that the footage can be stored at a different location. Thus the chances of it being destroyed by people who breach the security of a certain venue are reduced. Moreover, these cameras can be programmed to detect certain kinds of motion and send alerts via SMS or email.

Familiarity with the venue and the surrounding areas is a major factor that determines the efficiency of event security personnel. Each event manager should keep these things in mind while making arrangements for large corporate meetings.

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