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Posted by Dan Willis on Monday, September 3, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
Building Site Security North West. The security of construction projects does not only consist of guarding the site during the hours the construction workers are not present, but it consists of much more. Access control during working hours is a big issue at construction sites. In today's economic times construction sites will have visits from solicitors and a high number of job applicants. If a construction security guard was not controlling access to the site the superintendent and his foremen would waste half of their day to deal with solicitors and job seekers. Additionally, most of the theft of copper, cables, tools and materials at construction sites happens during the day when workers are preoccupied and the site is wide open.

A security company must provide security services at night, because the site is unattended and an easy target for theft and vandalism. In many cases tools and materials worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are stored at construction sites. Construction security guards must be extremely vigilant and constantly visible. They must constantly patrol the site not only to catch potential perpetrators, but to prevent potential perpetrators to choose the site as a target. A security company must create accountability with the construction by having field supervisors conduct frequent site visits and by employing different kind of electronic equipment. If a construction security is not held accountable he will not be as effective after a while. Therefore it is extremely important that a security company employs a consistent security concept that creates accountability.

While providing security guard services to construction sites at night is the main business of a security company many construction sites will require guards during the day as well. Aside from access control they will regulate parking and keep a record of site visitors. In many cases construction guards will be responsible to ensure that visitors as well as construction workers follow security protocol. The security officer patrolling the site will provide the necessary peace of mind to foremen, superintendents and project managers to focus on the construction while the safety and security of the site is in good hands. Many times during my site visits and when I sit down with project managers they will tell me how important the construction security is to their team. The officer will take care of all the different tasks and distractions that might occur during a day while construction workers can focus on their main job.

A good security company with an effective security concept and well trained security guards will not only improve the safety and security at a construction site, but it will ensure that construction workers and managers are more efficient at their jobs. That will save the security company much time and money in times when budgets for construction are especially constrained.

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