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Posted by David Morgan on Friday, May 28, 2021 Under: Concert Security
Concert Security North West. When preparing for an event such as a concert or a festival, security is one of the things that should be a priority. There have been a lot of incidents during festivals or concerts like the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, and the bombing in the Manchester Arena. Security and safety during these events have been tightened. Event planners are now investing in making sure the venue is secured and there are well-made emergency plans.

But having tight security shouldn’t only be present at big events but also in smaller clubs or theatres. When planning for these kinds of events there should be a clear onsite strategy regarding safety and security and your staff should always be prepared for emergencies.

Here are the top security principles that you need to prioritise when planning for your event’s security plan:

Always stress exits

In case of emergencies, one thing that an event planner should be concerned about is how to get people out. Part of the problem in most events is that a lot of people who attend the event do not know where they need to go or where the exit is. Think about it from an attendee’s point of view. Most people would assume that you can only exit on the main entrance of the concert grounds. But what if that exit is nowhere near in emergency circumstances, or it may be too crowded.

Make sure that you and your event planning team is prepared. Every time that an event ends, you can practice on how to get people out quickly by opening all the exit points in the venue. Your staff will get into the habit of making sure the exits are clear and those who’ve been attending your events will already know where the exit points are.


In emergency situations, communication usually fails. Without successful communication, even your most desirable plans can go wrong. It is a must that you and your team have a clear communication. Your staff should know the chain of command for your team. This can save time in case there are any untoward events. All members of your team should understand their role, know who the leaders of the team are and the decision-makers in your team should know how they are going to circulate their decisions.

Communication should not only be within your event-planning team but with the attendees of the event as well. Make sure you have a staff in charge of providing information to the participants and attendees of the event. You or your staff can send information through e-mail, social media, or through SMS.

Also have regular communication with the local police, fire department, and emergency facilities. You can have standby police, firefighters, or an ambulance during the day of the event to prepare for any emergency situation.


Once you have your security plan for the event laid out, you need to execute and implement it. You can start by practicing it on all your events. Regularly practice facilitating the exit of attendees by opening all the exit points at the end of every festival or concert. You can also run a drill before opening all the doors.

Make sure that your team is prepared during this time. Make sure all communication devices are working and confirm the hierarchy for the flow of information from the decision maker to all the members of your staff. You can also review the safety procedure before and after the event as part of the review process, to see and check where you can improve.

No one can really tell what can happen in such events or if any dangerous situations may occur, but a clear, and mastered plan can help keep the attendees and staff safe and secure.

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