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Posted by Mark Parker on Friday, May 17, 2019 Under: Security Services
Commercial Security Services North West. In today's cut throat world of competition, threats of commercial security breach in commercial organisations are common. Hence there is every need to reduce the occurrence for the cost efficient management of the organisation.

Any place where commercial activities occur can be included under the head of commercial organisation. These include educational institution, research centres, hospitals and other institutions.

It is advisable that before possible attacks on the commercial premises, commercial security steps should be taken to identify vulnerabilities and risk factors. Once the shortcomings are identified, preparations should be made to forestall them.

When preparing prior surveys for estimating the commercial security scenario of the organisation premises, the safety officials goes a long way to reducing any risks. Regular reports should be filed on the basis of these surveys. Special care should be taken to maintain an up-to-date data of the commercial security conditions. Data should be regularly analysed and studied. In case of noticing any short falls in the security, recommendations should be made and should duly followed up.

In this report all sides of in-house and external safety measures are included. In-house commercial security measures include close circuit TV coverage, burglar alarms and metal detectors etc. External security measures include:- good lighting of the premises, patrolling of the building and grounds and access monitoring etc. The safety and security of the personnel should also be taken care off. The risk factors related to the personnel pertaining to their working environment should be closely studied. Further measures should be taken to safe guard the security and life of the personnel.

It is essential for companies to resist and overcome attacks without affecting their profits. Often the attacks are initiated by petty thieves, burglars or even by malicious rivals. It makes practical sense commercially to avoid these security breaches in order to minimise wastage of any resources.

Guidelines to ensure commercial security:-

The personnel and the company should be vigilant with regard to any threats to commercial security.
The building and the grounds should be properly lighted and regularly patrolled for discouraging trespassers and for enabling early detection.

Visitors to the premises should be acknowledged at entry point and guided throughout the premises.
In order to ensure that commercial security competency is not affected by complacency, surprise checks should be conducted.

Special measures should be adopted to minimise risk factors.
Personnel should be thoroughly briefed about emergency procedures and mock emergency drills should be conducted from time to time.

  • Steps should be taken to minimise loss, during emergency situations.
  • The service of professionals can be procured for risk management.
  • Advanced technology can be made use of, to enhance security.

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