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Asset Protection and Transportation

Asset Protection UK. Your business or your personal assets are very important to you. Spartan 24 Hour Security can provide you with security personnel to reduce the risk of loss or damage or theft.

We can offer counter surveillance and security escort services for heavy goods vehicles and logistic companies carrying such items as microchips, mobile phones and electrical items of high value. Alternatively we can transport smaller items such as jewellery and bonds to collecting or delivering gem and precious metal traders to and from airports.

Should you have an item that requires specialist guarding at a particular facility we will provide you with a select security team to meet your requirements.

The service includes:

    • Security planning and implementation
    • Counter Surveillance
    • Low profile transit and guarding of merchandise
    • GPS tracking of security escort
    • Development of specialist high asset static guarding team at destination or facilities.

Residential Security

Spartan 24 Hour Security can provide your home and assets with security personnel to provide a safe and secure environment for you to return to. We have provided personnel to large town houses to extensive estates in the countryside.

Whether you require high or low profile personnel we will provide people with impeccable skills and attributes.

Our service includes:

    • Risk assessment of physical security of property
    • Project management of constructional phases of building space and security measures
    • Advice on design of building space
    • Provision of security personnel
    • Access control, and monitoring of environment

Event Security

Spartan 24 Hour Security offers a bespoke security package for Annual General Meetings, Special Events and Conferences. We assist the event organisers and identify risks that could pose a safety or security hazard and any further potential risks that could jeopardise the event.

We provide services in the following areas:

    • Access control, perimeter security and site safety
    • Contingency planning
    • Emergency evacuation planning
    • Crowd Management
    • Development of security policy and procedures
    • Event monitoring
    • Search for explosive or eavesdropping devices
    • Counter surveillance
    • Close Protection

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