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Becoming an event planner

Posted by Christine Spencer on Tuesday, January 3, 2023, In : Event Management 
Success as an event planner North West means having a confident, outgoing and ambitious personality. It’s a role that demands supreme attention to detail, plenty of creative vision and the drive to realise the impossible on a daily basis. If you’re meticulously-minded and enjoy social gatherings, you could be right at home as an North West event planner.

What do Event Planners Do?

Demand for increasingly ambitious and complex events has brought about a huge surge in demand for qualified eve...

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Successful Event Management

Posted by Dave Morris on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, In : Event Management 
Planning an event can be a stressful process, and can often leave event organisers feeling overwhelmed. Our top 10 tips for Successful Event Management will help you to master the fine art of planning a memorable and effective event.

Begin Early

Begin planning as soon as you possibly can. If your event is a large event you should realistically begin planning it four to six months in advance. Smaller events need at least one month to plan. To keep the final run up to the event flowing smoothly, ...

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