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Posted by Clive Barker on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 Under: Casino Security
Casino Security Manchester and North West England. Casinos are where people play games of chance for money. Where there is presence of large amounts of money, there are sneaky punters who are tempted to cheat or con their way into a jackpot. 

That’s why casinos spend a lot on security. In this blog, you will discover what casino security does and why casinos have pretty rigorous standards when it comes to security.

In any casino, the customer is king. This is because without their patronage, the casino will be out of business. That is why it is the responsibility of casinos to make sure that their customers feel safe enough to go and play there for extended periods of time. Casino security ensures that top notch security measures are in place to guarantee the safety of employees and customers at all times. 

What is casino security?

In general terms, casino security refers to the measures taken to protect casinos and their customers. 

Considering the relatively huge amounts of money handled within a casino, the temptation to commit crimes always exists. This makes casino security crucial in these gambling dens. Nowadays, the most basic level of security consists of cameras positioned throughout the property and operated by individuals who are trained at locating cheating and stealing by both players and employees. While casino security in the past was nothing more than a “muscle man,” today, casino security is a multi-dollar investment that can be as complex as an entire police department.

How does casino security work?

Modern casino security consists of two parts: a physical security force and a specialised surveillance department. 

Casino security usually starts on the floor of the casino, where employees keep a close watch on the games and casino matrons to ensure that everything goes as it should. These trained professionals patrolling the casino floor and responding to calls for assistance and reports of criminal or suspicious activities make up the physical security force. 

Table managers and pit bosses who watch over the table games to make sure that patrons are not stealing from each other and keep an eye out for suspicious betting patterns belong to this group. If there’s a physical security force that keeps a close watch on the activities going on inside the casino, there are also higher-ups who watch everything through their screens. 

These people make up the casino’s specialised surveillance department and operate the closed circuit television system of the casino to spot any misconduct by both guests and employees. In the casino industry, these surveillance people are also called as the eyes in the sky. In every casino, the physical security force and the specialised surveillance department work closely with each other to make sure that the guests and the casino’s assets are safe all the time.

What does casino security do?

At face value, it may look like security in casinos is not very tight. In reality, however, these establishments are much more guarded than banks and other high-profile establishments in the world. Since casinos handle an absolute boatload of money every day, they can never be without security. Basically, what casino security does is more than just ensure that everything is in order inside the casino.

Casino security also takes on strict preventive measures to ensure that criminals don’t even stand a chance at stealing. 

In well-guarded casinos, security personnel are able to pinpoint a person’s exact location and know exactly what that person is doing through their systems. Most casinos today are so high-tech that a customer may not even know he is already interacting with a casino security personnel.  

Here are some of the things that casino security does:

Keeps a close watch on the casino floor

Through hidden cameras, undercover agents and other tricks, casino security keeps a close watch on the casino floor. 

Casinos use state-of-the-art hidden cameras to hone in on players. These cameras can see sneaky cheating practices which are difficult for the human eye to catch. Surveillance systems on casino floors work in closely monitoring all tables and catching suspicious activities. They also pay attention to losses at every table, so they will know if employees are conspiring with players.

Aside from cameras, there are also undercover agents who patrol the casino floor 

The task of these agents is to look for anything out of the ordinary, including customers who cheat and people who use and sell drugs inside the premises. Usually, undercover agents in casinos pose as tourists.

Monitor the entire premises

Casino security used to focus only on the cashier cages. Over the years, however, security teams have learned that red flags of a potential robbery are usually seen in other parts of the casino grounds and not the casino floor itself. 

Today, casino security carefully monitor the entire casino premises to look for warning signs of an impending robbery.

Monitor employees

Since casino employees can collaborate with patrons in cheating or planning robberies, casino security also work in monitoring them. A white paper from Cisco found that half of all losses most casinos incur are attributed to theft carried out by their own employees.

Protect the casino’s SSL

In recent years, casinos have adopted 128-bit encryption to make it difficult for hackers to access the casino’s system. 

Casino heists often occur as hackers take advantage of the casino’s wireless networks to access the cams and see what cards other players had, and then relay that information to an accomplice situated on the casino floor. 

The role of casino security is to ensure that all suspicious connections to the casino’s SSL are immediately terminated.

Make sure the vault is secure

Casinos have a reserve of cash to back up every single chip in play. That means casinos keep an extremely large amount of money. While it is easy for robbers to access casino vaults in Hollywood films, the truth is that these vaults are highly sophisticated. It would take robbers days to drill them. Casino security has taken a number of vault security features to thwart robberies, including time delayed clocks, limited access codes, and thick steel walls and floors. 

Train employees on crisis management

Casino security also involves training employees so they will know how to deal with crisis when it occurs. 

Robbery in a casino is a possibility employees will have to face at some point in their tenure, so it is imperative that they know how to act when it happens. Training employees to report any suspicious activity to security and to work with their colleagues in stopping an ongoing robbery is an indispensable part of casino security. The role of these employees in stopping robberies is crucial, but only if they know how to respond to such situations and remain safe.

Work closely with local law enforcement

Casino security works closely with local law enforcement, especially in the event of a robbery. 

The ways they go about doing so is usually subtle, so they use silent alarms to warn the authorities and get assistance when a robbery is in progress. Silent alarms are necessary to notify the police about a robbery without the thief knowing. 

Even when it comes to vault security, casinos use silent alarms so crooks may take their time accessing the vault without knowing that the police are on the way.

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