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Casino Security Manchester, Blackpool

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 Under: Casino Security
Casino Security Manchester, Blackpool and North West. All major facilities have security concerns unique to their environment. Casinos tend to have a broader set of security issues than many other settings. Casinos are entertainment centres, hotels, restaurants and possess substantial amounts of cash. A primary factor that contributes to these potential dangers is that at any given time a casino is often extremely crowded. Massive crowds are a concern because the more people in any given area the more likely something is going to happen. This could be an assault, a group of thieves looking for an easy target, or an accident that may have been prevented or detected if there were fewer people present. 

Casinos have developed specific ways to help reduce the likelihood of these events occurring. They also found ways to detect any potentially detrimental concern before it becomes a major problem. However, if all of these fail they have developed strategies to handle the issue to the best of their abilities. 

Security and Surveillance Officers

The primary goal of any security officer or surveillance officer in a casino is the same as in virtually any other facility: to protect the visitors, employees and assets of the organisation. Because this role is so vitally important, both of these security positions are very detailed about what their job entails, as well as what their qualifications must be. A security officer's main responsibilities include patrolling the area, inspecting anything suspicious, enforcing the casino's rules, handling emergency situations, and escorting anyone transporting chips. 

Requirements for this job include having a good standard of education, a clean criminal record, on the job training, good communication skills, and a SIA security licence. Security officers generally remain highly visible throughout the establishment so they can better assist any customer or employee. High visibility also helps to deter potential criminals. 

A surveillance officer has a more behind-the-scenes job. Duties include monitoring CCTV cameras, recording and observing activities around the casino. Questionable activity may include a host of various behaviors. Questionable/suspicious activity may be indicative of employee embezzlement, cheating at the games, stealing from patrons or attempted fraud. Due to the critical nature of the surveillance position, it has a more extensive list of requirements. 

These include training in a school designed exclusively for dealers and the surveillance team and having a background in casino games, such as slots, roulette, craps and poker such a background is necessary to provide a better understanding of the game which aids in spotting anyone attempting to cheat. A surveillance officer must also have a SIA CCTV licence allowing them to operate. CCTV cameras are absolutely essential in the daily running of a casino, so surveillance officers must be well trained in how to monitor them.

Some of the particular challenges that occur in a casino are based on the fact that there are simply not enough security officers available to monitor the massive crowds that are frequently present. To do this the security officers must work very closely with the surveillance officers. Working on their own, a security officer may not see an incident that is occurring on the other side of the casino. However, if a surveillance officer sees something suspicious he will use a two way radio to inform the security officer, who will investigate the situation. There are many things that both security officers and surveillance officers must stay alert for. These include accidents, fires, criminal activity, assault and having minors on the property.

Casino security can be a demanding and rewarding profession, being able to work as part of a team is essential.

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