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Best Long Range Two Way Radios

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 Under: Best Long Range Two Way Radios

Motorola is a quality brand name when it comes to handheld two way radio technology, and the MH230R shows why. This walkie talkie set features 22 channels, 11 of which are weather channels that deliver up-to-date NOAA alerts. 

The MH230R boasts a range of up to 23 miles, perfect for when you need extended coverage. Each channel comes with 121 privacy codes for enhanced security. Waterproof, shock-resistant, and durable, the Motorola MH230R is built to last while offering superior radio technology. It’s an excellent choice at a very good price.

The Retevis RT-5R offers true versatility in a two way walkie talkie. A high/low switch lets you toggle between five watts and one watt of power, either to increase the range or to conserve power. It is an incredibly useful feature that significantly increases battery life in real-life situations. Voice prompts guide you through the setup and operation process, making this radio very intuitive and easy to use. Features such as an emergency beacon that can be used as a flashlight, a locking keypad and an alarm system augment an already impressive list of specs. 

The walkie talkies come with an earpiece, speaker mic, and a handy charging base. The Retevis RT-5R is the complete package, due to its simple operation and versatile features. We liked the easy setup and simple usability, which makes this a great beginner walkie talkie radio.

The Olympia R300 two way walkie talkie offers an impressive set of features at a very reasonable price. It will operate over a range of up to 40 miles with crisp and clear sound. You get 50 channels with 121 privacy codes. The walkie talkies in the set are also waterproof, as well as dustproof and splashproof, so they are the perfect choice for outdoor use and travel. 

A built-in LED flashlight is there for you in an emergency, and you will always be aware of weather changes thanks to built-in NOAA alerts. In summary, the Olympia R300 offers superior range and sound quality, as well as emergency features to ensure your outdoor activities stay safe. It is a great radio with excellent quality and specs.

The Motorola MS350R is designed with rugged conditions in mind. It is completely waterproof and durably built to handle what nature throws at it. This long range two way radio offers communications over a distance of up to 35 miles, and it operates using 22 channels.

The product is also dual-band enabled, capable of broadcasting over both FRS and GMRS bands, providing more channel combinations. The Motorola is easy to use and even easier to hold, thanks to a superb ergonomic design. When long range communications in any environment are required, the Motorola MS350R is a smart choice.

Midland makes some of the best two way radios on the planet, and the GXT1000VP4 is no exception. Featuring a hands-free operation that offers voice activation without the need for an external microphone, this radio will operate with a 36-mile range using 22 channels. You can receive NOAA weather alerts on the go, and if you do run into trouble, you can even use the walkie talkie to broadcast an emergency SOS locator signal. 

The Midland is fully waterproof, so it is perfect in any weather conditions, plus oceans, lakes, and rivers. The sound quality is fantastic, as you can whisper into the receiver and be heard clearly on the other end. The GXT1000VP4 is an excellent versatile two way radio set that delivers great performance, excellent signal quality, great range, and helpful emergency functions.

Motorola's 22-Channel long range two way radios are a great way to stay in touch over long distances. Offering a dual power source – either via the included rechargeable battery or AA batteries for up to 26 continuous hours of use - the Motorola is guaranteed to be ready when you need it to be. 

A 35-mile range, with 22 channels including NOAA weather alerts and dual band FRS/GMRS frequencies are all part of the package, as is a useful emergency transmission capability. When you are looking for a state-of-the-art two way radio set at a good price, the Motorola 22-Channel Weatherproof Two Way Radio should be on your list.

One of the best 2 way radios on the market with excellent simplicity and ease of use is the Midland LXT500VP3. The new radio brings 22 channels and 24 miles of range to the table. Featuring a low/high power setting that will let you conserve energy or improve transmissions, it also incorporates such features as a security keypad lock and a battery life extender. 

The LXT500VP3 is waterproof, so it's ready to use in any climate and weather. A call alert feature will let you know when someone is trying to reach you, and a channel scan function can help you locate the right frequency to use. Simplicity, elegance, and power are at your fingertips with the Midland two way radio set. It is an excellent choice.

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